How To Choose The Perfect Lingerie

Every woman is unique and so are her lingerie preferences, but there are some universal ‘rules’ that apply to everyone when it comes to finding supportive, comfortable and flattering lingerie, whatever your body shape, size or skin colour!
Did you know that around 4 in every 5 women are wearing the wrong bra size? Badly-fitting lingerie is not only unflattering, it’s uncomfortable and potentially harmful too. A bra that doesn’t offer the support you need can lead to chronic back pain for example.

Image by Esty Lingerie
So here is my guide to choosing the right lingerie for you – that means lingerie that fits right and looks great on!
5 Top Tips
1. Bra bands should neither be too tight or too loose. It needs to be tight enough that it’s supporting you, without actually cutting in and causing you discomfort or pain. As a rule of thumb, you should be able to fit two fingers comfortably under the band, but not your whole hand.
2. Whether you’re buying a bra or a babydoll with built-in cups, the band should lie horizontal all the way around the body. If it’s higher at the back than the front, it’s not because your straps are too tight – it’s because the band is too big.
3. Choose the right type of material for your lingerie – a natural fabric such as cotton, linen or silk will let the skin breathe, something that’s extra important for underwear as the garments are right up against your skin!
4. Make sure you wear the correct colour, so that it won’t show through your clothing – a white bra is not in fact the best choice for under a white t-shirt or blouse, a nude bra is.
5. You can also invest in shapewear if you want to trim a few inches away. Shapewear doesn’t have to be ugly – there are plenty of retro-inspired girdles out there right now, as well as shaping tights and even corsets will take some inches off your waist!
Consult styling experts
No doubt your lingerie is your confidence booster. Slipping a sexy bra set or basque on can make you feel instantly more glamorous and beautiful, and you’ll act more confident probably without even realising!
Of course, badly-fitting lingerie can have the opposite effect – not only can it be uncomfortable (who wants to be hooking bra straps up all day that keep falling off your shoulders?) but it is also undoubtedly less flattering.
If you are not sure what size you are, or what lingerie suits you best, make an appointment for a fitting and style advice in your local lingerie boutique for gorgeous pieces that fit your body like a glove!
What’s the best lingerie purchase you ever made? Tell me below!
Michelle Star blogs for Esty Lingerie, a luxury lingerie boutique that sells a huge range of handmade and independent designer brands.