How To choose The Right Conservatory

If you like the idea of having a beautiful modern conservatory added to your home, there are a number of important features which you should be thinking about as you consider your options: by thinking about a few key points, your decision will be made easier and you will be able to find the perfect conservatory for your needs…so, without further ado, let’s go straight on to our list:

Think about what material is best for you
There are a number of materials which your conservatory could be made from:

  • PVCU: This is perhaps your safest bet when it comes to choosing a conservatory material: most manufacturers tend to use this plastic, as it is structurally strong and resistant to chemicals, sunlight and corrosion: these properties, combined with its cost effectiveness, make PVCU the ideal material from which to build your conservatory from.
  • Aluminium: If you are looking for a material with even more strength and durability than PVCU, then aluminium is your best bet – the only real downsides to using this material are that it is much more expensive than most other materials and a conservatory made from this material is not as easy to heat as a UPVC conservatory – this material is perhaps best suited to modern or minimalistic properties.
  • Hardwood: If you have a period property, you may find that hardwood is a good choice for your conservatory: make sure that the wood is properly treated to be used outdoors; the natural beauty of this material can perhaps be its’ biggest advantage, along with its versatility (it is possible to create a number of finishes via different staining, varnishing and painting techniques) – the main disadvantage to using this material is that it can be pretty high maintenance compared with PVCU or Aluminium conservatories.

Consider how big the conservatory will be
Whilst it might be tempting to go for as large a conservatory as possible, remember how this will affect other parts of your home;
Your house could end up looking a lot smaller if you opt for a giant conservatory, whilst if you have a beautiful garden that you are going to build the conservatory on, think about how much garden space you will be losing once the construction is complete;
Think about the balance between house and conservatory
Ideally, you should be looking to have a conservatory which compliments your home and gives you a perfect vantage point over your lush garden: you could think of your conservatory as the sugar in your cup of tea: something to make it sweeter and more enjoyable: too much of this good thing would ruin the experience, unless you are the kind of person who likes their sugar with tea and milk! – remember, your conservatory is a personal choice, so make sure to use a company which will give you the perfect design for your needs.
Willie Schuchert is an interior designer with a passion for Conservatories and the benefits that they can bring to his clients’ homes.