How To Choose Your Breakdown Cover

Having breakdown cover for your car is quite clearly an important area to have sorted but it can be slightly troubling when you try to decide which one is the best option to invest in. Different companies offer varying levels of breakdown cover and you have to consider which is right for you.

Choosing the right policy
With breakdown cover there are two options to choose from when you are looking at the policy. There is one where you can pay for automatic service or alternatively you can opt for the policy that requires you to pay a fee on a call-out basis. With automatic service you are charged on a yearly basis and if the unfortunate event of a breakdown happens then you can contact the provider to send out someone to help. With this relative option of security it is easy to see why so many people choose to have this policy. If you were to select the option of paying on a call-out basis then the money initially comes out of your pocket on the day, but you can then claim it back from whoever happens to be your breakdown company.

Which cover?
There are different degrees of cover available and the most basic of these caters for roadside assistance and being taken to a garage. As you begin to move up the categories you start to add such details as recovery for you and those in the car, fixing the vehicle at your home and cover while abroad in other European countries. If you happen to be planning on taking your vehicle with you on other European roads then you should certainly check to see specifically which nations your breakdown cover includes. Some key characteristics of European cover include legal protection, assistance in English and a place to stay or alternative means of transportation.
Covering yourself or your vehicle?
You can also choose whether to have cover that looks after yourself or your vehicle. This is a decision where it is particularly important to think carefully about your own requirements and make the choice that will be the most suitable. If for example there are more people than just yourself who use the car then it is clear that covering the vehicle is likely to be the best option. If however you are likely to be driving more than one vehicle then covering you personally is the viable route to go down.
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