How To Compare Duel Fuel Deals

What is Dual Fuel?
Dual fuel is a form of energy tariff that is probably the cheapest ways to get your gas and electricity. Instead of paying two separate providers for gas and electricity, you combine the two sources of power from one energy supplier.

What are the benefits of Dual Fuel tariffs?
Most of the major energy providers offer dual fuel at a discounted rate if you opt for a dual fuel tariff with them, making it cheaper than your standard rate. This can be discounted in several ways – either a monthly or annual discount off your bill or a cheaper rate monthly.

Apart from the monetary benefits, it is also more convenient for the bill payer. Instead of receiving several bills from various companies, you now only receive bills from the one company. The majority of dual fuel providers now also combine your bill into one. If you happen to have an issues or complaints, you only have to deal with the one energy provider instead of two.

Also, in this time of financial uncertainty, now more so than ever we all need to find the ideal rate best suited to our needs and wallets.

Can anyone switch to a dual fuel tariff?
Simply put yes, anyone can switch to a dual fuel tariff and is quite easy to do so. The first obvious step is to go about comparing dual fuel rates from your local providers; each postcode has a different rate so depending on where you happen to live will affect your dual fuel tariffs available to you. Once you have found the dual fuel tariff that suits your finances best, simply apply to switch electricity providers and your new provider can take care of it from there on.

Is it always cheaper?
Yes they do tend to be. In the same way as combining your broadband and TV into one package saves you money, dual fuel works out cheaper than two separate rates. You do need to shop around as some providers may not offer a cheaper rate at all.

How can I compare Dual Fuel tariffs?
There are various ways to go about finding the ideal Dual Fuel tariffs. Contacting your current gas and electricity providers to see if they offer a dual fuel tariff at cheaper rates is always a good start, but not necessarily the best. To truly find the best rate suited there are various means to go about it online. Now more so than ever people demand value for money and there are several companies now offering a quick easy and free way to finding your best deal.,, and all offer simple and clear details about how to go about finding the cheapest rate. Simply by typing in your postcode, it will give you a list of energy providers, their rates and the average amount you would be expected to save annually. Going through these sources may also see you in store for additional bonuses that you were not expecting.

Joe Finch uses every means available to compare prices for both electricity and gas. He has found it possible to save hundreds every year.