How To Continue Looking Fashionable As You Get Older

A Reality Check

Despite fearing turning into our Father’s for a number of years, alarming numbers of men still believe that growing old means turning in anything to do with fashion, and going for an ill-fitting t-shirt and Farah pants.

For any man approaching the age of 50, or earlier if you feel your fashion sense has already somewhat gone to the dogs, this is an attitude that needs to be dealt with quickly. Much of the current fashion for men in stores can be worn at any age and, while you should definitely be looking to tone your style down, there is no reason for you to be wearing awful clothes as you age.

Common Sense Styling

Whether it is through lack of confidence or more of an awareness that your time of being a fashion God for men has passed, you will realise that some of the more flamboyant and extrovert clothes you may have worn will no longer be appropriate. That doesn’t mean you cannot continue to look amazing, though.

Continue to go for well fitted jeans – you may want to avoid the very slim fitted jeans unless you regularly go to the gym, however stylish straight leg denim can still look great. You do not have to be a world famous musician to continue dressing well as you get older, so embrace the opportunities available for older men in fashion today.

In terms of your shopping habits, you do not really need to change that much. As you go for a more distinguished look, you may even want to spend more on buying designer fashions. With regards to men and fashion, moving from high street to designer is a graduation of sorts, and shows that you have really made it in the world.

Keep A Fresh Mind

The key to keeping fashion current, especially for older men, is to continue changing up your look and being in tune with what the most up to date and current fashions are. When do you start to get old anyway? We used age 50 as that is the traditional “middle age” number, however you can continue to keep your fashions fresh and exciting well beyond that. Whether it is denims, stylish formal shirts or more casual threads, there is so much accessible fashion for men today that getting old is no excuse for a poorly put together wardrobe.

Ensure that being fashionable remains a constant throughout your life, whatever your age. Shun “Dad” fashion and have the confidence to build yourself a stylish, relevant wardrobe at all times.

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