How To Cope With Bullying At College

I have never been an athletic guy, but I would not call myself a geek either. But in the stakes of being muscle bound and an Adonis I totally fail. I really hate any form of physical education, and really never have understood why guys enjoy chasing a ball up and down court and throwing it into a ring above their heads. I know I should not say it, but sports really leave me cold.

But I have to be honest and tell you I have found one big plus in guys playing contact sports. They are not afraid of confrontation, and they are not scared to handle themselves in awkward situations. When did you last hear of the captain of the football team being bullied? It is more likely that he will do the bullying I suppose.

I was very lucky at home in Kansas. I never seemed to be bothered by bullies. I suppose my little town just had not adopted this stupid culture of bullying. I only did sports when I had to, and most of my time was spent in class, or just hanging out with like-minded friends. I really cannot recall any of my friends ever being bullied. I do recall a few playground fights, but it was never related to bullying.

Now that has changed. I have been at my new college for three weeks, and I am not settling down very well. I think it also shows on my face that I am not that happy. I also have not really clicked with anyone who wants to be my friend yet. That makes me Mr. Sad I know. I realize it is early days yet, but at the moment College life for me is not a happy one.

One of the things that is adding to my unhappiness is that I have started to become the victim of bullying. Of course the first time it happened I just caved in and now that makes me a constant target for about five guys who seem to roam the grounds all day long. I am not yet sure if they really are students, I assume they must be, but they never seem to have class.

It started when I was walking across the green to my next lesson. One of the guys in the group in front stared at me as I walked past him. He then shouted for a cigarette. I told him that I did not smoke, and just continued my walking.

The next instant I was put onto the floor by at least two of the guys. I felt hands in my pocket, and my wallet was removed and a few dollars were removed. (I am not rich, so a few dollars is all I ever have). Despite my attempt at shouting at them as they ran off, I did nothing further. I did not report them and I did not really even attempt to chase after them. I just put it down to a bad day.

Well that was my first stupid mistake. As the two days later they saw me and did the same thing. Three days later the same thing again. They have now cleared me out of forty dollars and were screaming with laughter; as they know just how easy it is to remove money from me. I am not big built. I am a skinny guy, and I am not going to win any fights.

To make the situation worse, on the last two occasions there were many witnesses to the attacks. Not one person came to my assistance, as I assume these guys are likely to be a handful to anybody trying to stop them. So now, not only am I being mugged every couple of days, but it is now a public spectacle.

Of course I now hear you all shouting at me and telling me to go the authorities or fight back. Neither of those options are really open to me as bullying is just a fact of life here, and the teachers may be able to “protect” me for a while, but they are not going to be there all the time to save my little ass.

So I have made a decision. I will carry no money on my walks, and I am going to join the basketball team. I have no idea if I will ever play a game, but I am going to work out and put myself into a protective group of athletic types. You never know I might even make a friend and protector.

I really rather would be doing essay editing, but that is not going to keep me safe. I do not suppose my attackers will flinch at my ability to do essay editing, but they will look twice if I am in a group of jocks at lunch.

Simon Law does not get bullied anymore. Simon Law even enjoys playing basketball