How To Create A 5 Star Dining Experience At Home

Having a dinner party can be a really great night in, but creating a five star dining experience for your guests can often make it all the more special. Whether you are creating a magical experience for two or having a large group of friends over for dinner, adding some five star secrets to the menu can make the evening truly spectacular. Who said you needed to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy a five star meal, anyway?

Creating your 5 Star Meal

The internet now provides us with thousands upon thousands of five star recipes, just a click away. When envisioning your five star meal, be sure to choose something that everyone will enjoy and that is within your cooking capabilities – remember, a four star meal cooked to perfection is much more appetizing than a five star meal that has been ruined. Choose the right meal to suit your guests and it is sure to be a crowd pleaser; if you are entertaining a vegetarian guest, there is no point in cooking a five star steak. Once you have chosen your meal, add special finishing touches that you would not normally do at home, such as appropriate garnishes or special sauces that compliment your meal. When serving your dinner, have cutlery and napkins, along with salt and pepper, already set out on the table, as this will create a smooth transition when plating your meal.

Choosing the Perfect Drinks

Whether you are cooking steak, fish, a pasta dish or a vegetarian meal, it is highly important to compliment your food with the right kind of beverage. Always stick to what your guests enjoy, but opt for something a little more elegant than what you would normally drink at home. Red wine often compliments steak very well, so choose a nice bottle of red for the evening. If you are eating seafood, white wine is normally recommended, so choose a sparkling or dry, depending on the preference of your guests. If your guests are not wine drinkers and would prefer beer or spirits, opt for something a little more classy and prepare drinks before they arrive so that your dinner is not interrupted.

Ambience & Décor

One of the first things your will often notice upon entering a 5 star restaurant is the atmosphere, accompanied by the elegant décor. To complete your ‘at home experience’, be sure to spice up your dining room with a few special touches to make your night something to remember. Transforming your dining room into a 5 star restaurant needn’t be expensive, as you can create a luxurious feel by adding simple touches, such as a new table cloth, candles for mood lighting and appropriate music to create atmosphere. You cannot create a 5 star dining experience with only a 5 star meal, so have a little fun and create the full experience of a 5 star restaurant in your own home – your guests will be sure to love it!

Ben is the Head Chef at one of the best restaurants in Sydney, Australia. He prides his restaurant on providing the ultimate dining experience and believes this can also be achieved at home. Ben is currently writing his first cook book.