How To Create A Beautiful Home On A Budget

One of these days you may just move into your dream house. More than likely, you will move into a house that could possibly attain dream-like status once there has been some serious remodelling. Our homes seem to be an ongoing work of art that is never finished and, like a greedy child, it is never satisfied. Occasionally you may sit back in your newly decorated home, put your feet up on the newly refurbished stool and relax. This state lasts rarely more than one week. Homes are organic reflections of ourselves. They constantly change, need a little tender loving care and become a completely different animal when given a makeover.

Statistically, we are more likely to change our homes at the moment than to move house. This is linked directly to the awful economic state. However, if you are in economic limbo and would like to revamp your home, here are a few tips to help.
A lick of paint can dramatically change the mood of a room. Do not be afraid to go boldly where you have never been in the world of colour. Take inspiration from nature, look closely at the combined colours of your favourite flower, ever looked at a butterfly book? Trees are everywhere and are a great colour lesson in how to blend different colours. A can of paint is a very cost effective way of making your home feel new.

Take a look at your furniture closely. Has your beloved settee seen better days? What is the state of your once loved cushion? Soft furnishings have to be tough to stand up to daily family use and the occasional dog. A sofa is a large investment in any home and needs to keep its good as new looks for a considerable amount of time. Having cushions re-stuffed will automatically put a new spring in your sofa. Replacing cushions can be done cheaply and easily. Sofas can have new lives breathed into them with a good steam clean – a specialist firm can do this at a pinch.

To make your home feel individual you could invest in a bespoke piece of furniture. This is an especially good idea when you have an odd shaped room or a pace that is not easily filled with traditional furniture. Bespokee is a collective of craftspeople who will bid for your order and which lets you watch as your new piece of furniture is made. The other advantage of bespoke, apart from having something that is unique in the world, is that they make great articles to pass down the generations. Take a dip into these unchartered waters and you may find a solution for your home that gives it a blast of new life.

Written by Elizabeth James, who writes for