How To Create A Perfect Working Environment

A well-organized workspace has a positive influence on mental health and performance, which results in enhanced productivity. This was proved by a study, which was conducted the Identity Realization workplace consultancy in 2010.The study revealed that workers, who were allowed to organize their workspace and put any number of plants and pictures, were as far as 32 % more productive than those that did not have such a privilege. There are other benefits such as better relationship with the employer, increased dedication to teamwork and improved efficiency.

So, the smart thing to do is to allow your staff to make decisions regarding the design of their offices. For example, you can give each employee some money so they can redesign their workspaces, or in case your office is an open-space, you can be creative and make a distinctive setting.

Forget about Sharp and Straight-edged Furniture

Going with a design and furniture that is rounded and curved instead of straight-edged is a wise choice, because such an environment is connected with positive emotions, which has a positive impact on creativity and productivity. A study, which was conducted in 2011, pointed out that people perceive rounded furniture as pleasing and inviting, while another study from 2013 showed that, people consider rounded environments to be more beautiful and that they stimulate parts of the brain in charge of reward and aesthetics.

It is also important to mention that sitting in circles encourages team mentality, whereas sitting in straight lines provokes individuality, so it is obvious what you need to do to improve teamwork.

Office Equipment

You should definitely maintain and update your office equipment, such as computers and printers, on a regular basis. Also, having a copier or a printer in your office can significantly cut down your expenses, as having your printing outsourced is several times more expensive than doing it by yourself. Another benefit is that your employees will not waste their time waiting for something to be printed, and their productivity will not suffer. So, you should definitely add a copier to your workspace, and if you do, get HP toner, which is the best value for money.

A Messy desk is not so Bad, Actually

You probably think that your employees will be much more productive if they keep their desks clean and organized. However, several studies have proved that is not the case. Kathleen Vohs from the University of Minnesota did a study and found that participants, who were tested in a disorganized room with a desk that is piled up with paper, were much more creative that those tested in a neat room.

Eric Abrahamson, co-author of A Perfect Mess: The Hidden Benefits of Disorder, claims that people with highly organized desk, often have problems finding thing because their system is too complicated. He also says that you can find something totally unexpected in a mess, and get struck with a dose of motivation and creativity.

Use Light, Color and Space

Opting for the right color and lighting is one of the easiest ways to improve your office. As different colors and light levels have a great influence on psychology, you should choose a lighting system that enables you to change the color and brightness of your workspace so that it is compatible with the kind of work you are doing.

For example, blue and green are beneficial for tasks that require fresh ideas. Red is suitable for tasks that involve attention to detail. A study from 2013, states that a darker environment encourages idea creation, most likely because it reinforces the feeling of freedom, while a brighter environment is better for analytical thinking.

If you have the possibility to modify ceiling height in your workspace, you should, because higher ceilings are linked with feelings of freedom.

Make the Best of What You Have

So, it is evident how the layout of a workspace impacts productivity, and if you consider that a little thing, such as a plant or a picture at your employee’s desk can significantly improve his efficiency, you should by all means adapt your workspace accordingly.