How To Create A Popular Online Dating Profile

How to Create a Popular Online Dating Profile

Creating a popular online dating profile that’s going to attract attention is not as easy as you might think. So many people get it wrong that we’ve put together this handy guide to help you have a successful dating experience.

1. Choose a suitable username – When people search online for profiles of people in their area the results usually show a picture and a username. That’s all the user has to go on when deciding whether or not to view your profile. Therefore the username is massively important and getting it wrong means your profile will be skipped over. First of all make sure that it’s appropriate. Usernames like ‘NaughtyNicky’ or ‘EasyGirlForYou’ are not going to give off the right impression! (unless you’re on an adult dating site in which case it’s a whole different story)!

2. Tell the truth – Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. If you’re looking for romance then honesty is the best policy right from the start. That doesn’t mean you need to point out all your flaws in a great long list but just don’t say your 24 if you’re really 34 and don’t pretend you’re average weight if in fact you’re overweight. It’s not romantic to turn up on a date be faced with someone who is nothing like how they described themselves.

3. Avoid Clichés – Forget the corny statements like ‘looking for Mr Right’ or ‘Love to have a good time’. No one is interested in such bland statements and they don’t really tell potential partners anything about yourself. Make sure your profile is informative and interesting.

4. Use humour – If you really want to make your profile stand out then use humour. You want to come across as not too serious and everyone loves someone who has a sense of humour. There’s a big difference though between being humour and being seen as a joker. The first is cool, the second is not. Also remember that humour can sometimes come across the wrong way, especially when typed out online. Be careful!

5. State what you’re looking for – In the ‘about me’ section be sure to say exactly what you’re looking for in a polite and concise way. Don’t beat around the bush as explain what is really important to you in your life. Do the same in the ‘what I’m looking for’ section. You’ll have much more success if you have a clear direction and know what you’re looking for. It’s an attractive trait to have so can lead to more dates.

6. No smut – It’s fine to flirt online but if you’re looking for a long term relationship then don’t be tempted to get too flirty! Avoid innuendos and above all keep it clean. After you’ve been communicating for a while it can be tempting to see how far you can push the conversation but it rarely leaves a good impression.

7. Smile in your pic – Online dating profile pics are essential. Make sure you’re smiling and look like you’re enjoying yourself. Make sure it’s a recent and honest representation of yourself. Online dating is certainly a great way to meet people but if you’re not quite having the success you expected then it might be time to give your profile an overhaul!

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