How To Create A Romantic Atmosphere With Candles

Candles have long been used to create a romantic environment, which can be achieved within a single room of your home, or spread out across the whole property. At the same time, candles can be used as a surprise in hotel rooms for special occasions. With candles able to be used to set low lighting in a room, as well as flattering shadows and pleasant fragrances, you can design the perfect romantic atmosphere with a little bit of preparation. It’s important, though, to remember some of the dangers of using candles, and how to pick the best candles, while maximising the space you have available.

1 – Picking and Using Spaces

When it comes to space, you need to make the most of what you have available to you. If you have the time, it’s worth arranging a number of candles around different parts of your home. Candles can be placed along windows as your partner approaches the house, with rose petals used to lead through into a dining or living room. There a romantic meal can be set with candles on the table, and more around the windows. The same petal and trail can be used to lead up to tealights in the bathroom, and scented candles in the bedroom.
Alternatively, you can focus on just one room if you share a house, and can focus on placing a number of smaller and larger candles within the space. Be careful, though, in not using too many scented candles near the kitchen, as this can be overwhelming if you’re trying to eat.

2 – Choosing Candles

You can’t go wrong with tealight candles if you want to create a discreet atmosphere – low cost, and able to be spread around a room safely, these candles can be combined with a few larger pillar candles for decorative impact on a bedroom. When choosing containers, you might want to use lanterns for outdoor candles, or crystal bowls for tables and bathrooms. Be wary, however, about not packing too many candles together, as this can lead to accidents and a lot of smoke.

3 – Taking Alternative Approaches

You can also experiment with your candle setup by placing candles in lanterns outdoors, as well as by renting out a hotel room. In terms of the former, it can be possible to have a romantic meal outside with candles and moonlight. For booking a hotel room, you can discuss what you want to achieve with the hotel staff. Some hotels won’t allow you to light candles in rooms for health and safety, but it is worth seeing whether they have a special service that can be set up for you on the night.

4 – Caution

Always be careful when handling candles, especially in a small space. Don’t be tempted to fill a room with as many candles as possible, as this can cause a toppling hazard, and can also make a room too bright. A few well placed pillar candles, and some discreet tealights spread around corners of the room, can mean that you receive the right light without being overly bright and hot, or too dark.
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