How To Create The Perfect Home Office

If you’re searching for ideas on how to set up your home office, then look no further!
From comfort, to space, to furniture, there are lots of decisions to be made, and these top tips will help you create the perfect home office.

Image by: Victor1558

There are often many distractions around a home, so it’s important to isolate yourself and ensure that everyone knows not to disturb you during working hours.
Create a barrier to the rest of the house with a door, and consider installing acoustic seals around the edge. Put up a sign on the door to inform people that they are not to enter – this is especially important if you’re likely to be making phone calls.
Make sure that your office doesn’t become an additional storage room, and clear everything out that isn’t essential to your work. TVs are a definite no!
Prioritise Comfort
It’s important to have a space that you enjoy; being uncomfortable won’t encourage you to sit for long.  Prioritise comfort and you’ll be much less inclined to leave your seat!
Buy an adjustable chair and then make sure to adjust it! Maintain a good posture throughout the day, and you won’t leave with backache and aching joints.
If you do lots of typing, then buy an ergonomic keyboard and a wrist-rest; you’ll minimise the stress to your hands, and decrease the risk of developing repetitive strain.
Choosing Furniture
Consider the atmosphere you want to create before buying furniture.
If you don’t want anything fussy, then oak furniture is always a great bet, but if you want a sense of power, then how about walnut for a more luxurious feel?
Glass is great for creative types.
Colour Psychology
Certain colours will inspire different states of mind, so picking the right colours for your office is crucial. Light colours are perfect for an office; they’ll leave you feeling refreshed and create the illusion of space.
Green – If you want to help your concentration, then try adding some green to the room. It’s great for helping you focus.
Yellow – Yellow is great for creativity as it stimulates your imagination and grabs your attention. However, it can be distracting.
Red – Red is energetic, but easily overpowering – use in small doses!
Our rooms are often a reflection of our minds, so personalise your office in a way that suits you. It’s great to introduce a couple of house plants into the room – just make sure to water them!
If you’re creative then you could create a gallery wall with pictures, quotes and artworks; if you prefer to remain calm and focused, then a couple of inspirational posters may be all that you need.
Good luck creating your home office, and I’d love to hear any more suggestions from you if you’ve got them!
Estelle Page is an interior designer on a mission to banish Artex ceilings and faded paint. She can often be found with her nose in the latest style magazines, and enjoys spending time with her husband and two kids. She’s an avid blogger and works closely with Oak Furniture Superstore