How To Deal With Santa

Christmas is probably one of your kid’s favourite events of the year, but a Christmas without Santa is boring. So if you are planning on making an entrance, here are a few tips that can help you be a convincing Father Christmas.

Photo by USACE Europe District.

Let the Husband Do It
Just saying, he probably looks better with a beard.
Nail the Costume
You are probably already aware that Santa’s classic costume is red with a black belt and boots and white fur rims. Yet, did you know that Santa’s costume wasn’t actually red at first? It used to be green before Coca Cola popularised the red suit in 1931.
Train your ‘Ho-ho-hos’ When Your Children Are Not at Home
If you don’t, either your kids will turn your house inside out, or they will try to climb up your chimney to find Santa. Or worse yet, they might suspect it’s you. That said mastering the art of the belly laugh might make for a more convincing performance.
Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Santa is always happy. He doesn’t scowl, he always smiles. You are probably going to sit down and have your kids on your lap, so you should always be in a good mood. Just be prepared for sudden beard pulling.
Should the kid succeed and say, “You are not the real Santa Claus!” you have two options:
1. Fight for your Santa right and say, “Of course I am Santa, ho-ho-ho!” Give him a candy too and he’ll probably stop questioning you
2. Nod and smile and say that you are just a stand in, as Santa is making toys for boys and girls in the North Pole and he asked you to come instead.
You could avoid all this if you buy a realistic beard, unless you already have one that is.
Bring a Large Red Sack
And fill it with candy, lots of it. And maybe a couple of wooden puppets to give your kids and further prove your long lived toy-making experience.
Be Stealthy
Concoct a plan with your other half, so that the kids are distracted and you can pretend to get into the house without being seen. I discourage shooting down your chimney.
Creating the mystery of how Santa Claus comes and goes is part of the fun!
Leave Some ‘Unfinished Business’ in the House
Write some letters to Santa with your kids and then leave some cookies in the lounge for him to eat.  Put your personalised Christmas presents under the tree while the kids sleep, and then open the cookies! Eat some, they are for Santa after all, but leave the rest for the kids – it’s the ultimate proof that Santa’s been here!
Remember to have fun! If you do, it will be a lot easier to turn this close encounter with Santa into a joyful event.
Louise Blake is a Design Account Manager and a writer. Louise spends most of her free time moaning and shouting at her husband for getting in the way of her raging hormones – aside from that she is a very happy first time mum! Here she writes for Goodheart Gifts.