How To Deal With Underage Drinking During Prom Night

One of the most memorable nights of a teenager’s life is prom night. This is an event that students attend during their junior year and senior year of high school. Just as it is the most exciting event that teenagers anticipate once they reach their junior year, it is also the time of concern for parents. Although schools do not permit alcoholic beverages during the party, teenagers still manage to get their hands on alcohol. Prom nights are often held within the school’s premises, but it can also be held at hotels and other locations. Teachers supervise the event, but often, the number of faculty members is not enough to control students from getting rowdy and getting in trouble with the law.

A Common Problem During Prom Night

Some way or the other, teenagers have access to alcoholic beverages and they engage in binge drinking. This then leads to alcohol related car crashes and fatal alcohol poisoning. Drinking alcohol in large amounts can affect judgment, lead to violent behavior and slow down reflexes. Despite the law of under-age drinking, teenagers still do not understand the dangers of drinking alcohol. While some kids really have no intention of drinking alcohol, they are intimidated by their peers into doing so.

For example, in May 2012, three Marion High School students were arrested in Indiana, for illegal Possession of Alcohol by Consumption. All three students are eighteen-years-olds and a deputy who was working as security for the event at the country club, smelled alcohol on them.

If your teenager is involved in an underage drinking accident, make sure to hire a well experienced legal professional.

How You Can Keep an Eye on Your Teen

  • Make it a point to set strict guidelines and a reasonable curfew. Your teenager must be aware of the consequences if he fails to follow them.
  • Know where your teenager will be throughout the evening. If he has plans after the party, know where he will be and who he will be with. Get contact numbers and addresses.
  • Talk to parents about the prom and get the assurance from the school that only alcohol-free beverages will be served. It is also best that you inquire about the number of faculty members supervising the party. If they are too few, try to volunteer along with another parent.
  • Talk to your teenager about the dangers and consequences of underage drinking and driving. If he and a friend need a ride home, let him know that you are always available for him. Make sure he has a charged cell phone with him that is switched on always.
  • Get other parents to chip in to rent a limo for the teens. This is easier to make sure that your children get to the prom and back home safe. Provide the driver with phone numbers of the parents of all the teenagers inside the limo. Talk to the limo company as well, to ensure that no alcoholic drinks will be placed inside the limo.

What Teens Must Know

  • Having a good time at prom is not dependent on alcohol or drugs.
  • Do not get into a car being driven by a drunk driver. Do not encourage or allow your friends to drink and drive. Mingle with responsible friends in groups.
  • Never accept a drink from anyone you do not know or trust. Always keep an eye on your drink. Empty your glass before you set it down and do not drink from it again, after leaving it on that the table unattended.

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