How To Decorate Your Home With Posters For Thanksgiving

While there are a lot of decorating options available to you for Halloween and Christmas, there are not as many options for decorating for Thanksgiving. One way you can create a Thanksgiving feel to your home is to select discount movie posters that feature Thanksgiving themes. You can use these posters to give your home a festive look.

Finding Thanksgiving Themed Movie Posters

The first step in decorating your home for Thanksgiving with discount movie posters is to create a list of movies that have Thanksgiving themes. Your best bet is to look for cartoon movie posters for Thanksgiving specials such as Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving Special or the Garfield Thanksgiving Special. It can be difficult to find Thanksgiving movies, so if all else fails look for movie posters that feature large family dinners, pumpkin pie or turkey. The final option you have is to look for Christmas movie posters that feature a dinner scene. These will double for a Thanksgiving scene in a pinch.

Framing Your Thanksgiving Movie Posters

After you have found your Thanksgiving poster you need to mat it and frame it. Start with the matting. Select two mat colors that will bring out Thanksgiving colors in the poster. For example, you can select colors like orange, red, yellow and brown for your matt colors. After selecting your mats you will need to find a frame that will be able to hold your poster and your two mats. You can select a basic poster frame or you can select a more decorate picture frame.

Designing Your Thanksgiving Poster Display

Once framed your Thanksgiving work of art will be ready for hanging. Start creating your Thanksgiving display by hanging your poster. Next hang other decoration to accent the poster. You can use mini posters, generic Thanksgiving decorations, your children’s artwork and leaf accents. To save money on your accent pieces look around your yard. Look for pretty leaves in colors of red, orange and yellow. To preserve the leaves spray them with a little hairspray or dip them in a clear polyurethane and allow them to dry before hanging them. This will allow you to use them next year as well.

Light Your Thanksgiving Display

The final step is to light your Thanksgiving display. There are several ways that you can do this. The easiest option is to use a tap light or a battery operated light with a swivel head. If you have a wall that has an art lamp already installed, then hang your display under this light. If nothing else, use a moveable desk lamp to spotlight your work of art.

Go to our movie poster site to find Thanksgiving movie posters. One that is a lot of fun is the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving poster.