How To Delete Duplicate In iTunes and iTools

The reason why the duplicate tracks and duplicate things should be deleted is that the too much saturation of things will only result in slow down of your phone. So it is necessary to give it a clean sweep so that too much info and too much files doesn’t affect the efficacy of your phone.

The beauty of iPhone is that it doesn’t get slowed down as androids and it doesn’t stuck like the others. But it also has its limit which should be reached. If you keep on saving the duplicate files over the time it will get clogged up with same songs or tracks. Then you can’t afford to add latest or new music because the space will be less. Mostly the duplicates have missing info so the iTools will not be able to recognize the problem and the same files.

It is difficult to find the file that match and then delete them is another problem. There are multiple software’s and plug inns that allow the duplicates to be erased with ease. It is not a problem if the track is being labeled wrong the modern software labels the track correctly and then replaces it with the original name.

If you review all the music and all the info is same as it should but for example the album name, artist name, track genre and year etc. Then it is easy to delete the duplicates via the function in iTools which will make it easy to identify and cleanup. You can arrange it alphabetically and then clean the stuff via choosing the same options and locating them.

Depending on which organizer you use to delete the same files you can easily copy and add the cool album art as there are many other features as well like add the missing album art. Correct the info which is either misspelled or incomplete and identify the copy of track which has the better quality and delete the other are some other cool features being offered by this app.

The iTools is an excellent app designed for the purpose to increase the user compliance and increase the number of uses it has to offer. It also converts the videos into the music and let you have the entire convertible and portable features in one app. it is a must download and must have.