How To Design An Attractive Website And Professional

How To Design An Attractive Website And Professional

In the specific case of business websites, talking to an attractive site is almost always spoken of a content-rich site.

For many executives and entrepreneurs, attractive in the Web can be synonymous with a slightly magical nice design, tasteful, evocative, dynamic, perhaps. However, we must not lose sight of the needs vary according to the gender of each site.

The portals for example, must build rapport with the visitor from the first contact and note through its pages articles and references contained therein are relevant and current information.

The entertainment sites must be highly dynamic in nature. The visitor is willing to pay the price for the timeout to display graphics and animation, listen to some music or even display short videos. Although services high-speed connection are increasingly employed, do not forget that there are still operating a large number of modems whose connection speeds do not exceed 56k.

Then there are the e-commerce sites. Undoubtedly that graphic design, offers and promotions, and especially easy access to the catalog, are the key to success in online sales.

In the specific case of business websites, which make up a large percentage of the installed base of Web, talk about an attractive site is a site rich in content.

Let reason then why would you recommend a web page to another person. Try to remember the last three Web sites that you have recommended and why someone recommended them. Surely these sites have some common elements. Please think what this feature that makes them attractive is. Just think about it for a moment.

Indeed, these sites have the information you need and provide the services you require. People who surf the Internet, regardless of their specialty or type of activity, has a similar goal. They have a need for information and know that the Web can provide the answers immediately and at low cost. Graphic design is important but not as important as the information itself. Do not lose sight of this fact. In the world of the Web, content is king.

Simple in concept, but not implementing it, it really requires a commitment to study the information needs of our clients and determine the ideal content of the Website of our business.

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To find out if your company website can be classified as an attractive site, please respond honestly to the following five questions:

1. Web Site Provides answers to the most common information needs of the industry that your business serves?

Yes         No

2. The information is presented in a clear, concise, easy to locate and graphic design does not hinder the reading, by contrast, facilitates communication with your business message?

Yes         No

3. The pages that make up your web site unfold reasonably fast?

Yes         No

4. Do you regularly update content pages, publishing new articles, news, technical notes and new products?

Yes         No

5. Can a customer locate fairly easily the information contained on its website through an internet search?

Yes         No

If you answered yes to these five questions, most likely your website is considered as an attractive site and will be recommended by many visitors. The traffic level is the best indicator that things are working well and that their Internet marketing program is working well.

Do not forget, meet customer needs remains a priority in this new universe called the Internet.

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