How To Design Your Own Room

Are you a budding interior designer or would you like to at least give designing a room yourself a go? Many of us have visions of how we would like our homes to be and dream of putting our own unique spin on the layout of a particular room. Often this remains a nice thought or ambition as we don’t find the time or have the resources or know how needed to actually carry out the work. This article aims to arm you with the knowledge that you will need to achieve you vision and design your ideal room.

It’s All About Style

If you are starting with one room then you need to decide whether you want to style in cohesion with the rest of the house or whether this room will be the first of a new style for the entire property. You will also need to give a lot of thought to the particular styles that appeal to you before you decide how the room should look. Take some time to research other styles, travel around your town or city, read magazines and try to find a particular style that speaks to you.

Visualise The Room

The world of design as come on leaps and bounds in recent years with the introduction of CAD technology which enables designers to add real life products to 3D designs. This technology means that interior designers can visualise their designs on a computer and see how the room is going to look before the work begins. It also gives you the opportunity to choose the furniture and appliances that you want for the room that you are designing so you can see how it will look in the room without having to buy it first.

Get Your Pricing Right

It is vital that you are able to keep tabs on the likely cost of creating your dream room as if you let it the cost can easily escalate. You should keep a record of the cost of all the material you will be using, the furniture and products that will be included in the room and of course the cost of the labour you will use if it is a particularly big or complex job. This all adds up and you don’t want to be left with a room that is half finished so make sure that you budget for it accordingly.

Don’t Forget The Roof

A common mistake that many amateurs make when designing a room is forgetting about the roof. It is very easily done but you don’t want to be standing in your beautiful new room only to look up and realise that you forgot to paint the roof or install new lights. Lights can really make a room so try not to overlook this important feature of your design. It is important to consider the lighting of the room before you choose the main colours that will be featured in it so try to look at the overall picture when designing your room.

Amanda Benson is an interior design expert who teaches people how to become the designers of their own homes. She loves the fact that 3D CAD Models allow her to see her vision of a room before the work even starts.