How To Do An Oil Change And Why You Should

The oil that flows through a car is like the engine’s blood. This oil should be changed regularly so that a car’s engine will always in good working condition. Changing your car’s engine is not that hard and you can do it yourself at home without the help of a professional. If you want to know how to do an oil change and why you should do it, then you’ve come to the right place. This short guide will teach you how to change your car’s oil and why you should change the oil regularly.

Reasons Why You Should Change Your Car’s Oil

  • Minimize the wear and tear of the engine parts – Changing your car’s oil every 5,000 km and replacing its oil filter will minimize the wear and tear of the engine parts in your car. As a result, your engine will be able to last longer and require fewer repairs.
  • The parts of your car become well lubricated and work at their optimum – changing your car’s oil ensures that the parts of your car are well lubricated, allowing them to work at optimum performance.
  • Removes contaminants in your engine – motor oil becomes contaminated with antifreeze, condensation, metallic shavings and dust over time. These contaminants prevent the engine from running at optimum performance and shorten the engine’s lifespan. Replacing the contaminated oil with clean oil ensures that your engine is always running at optimum performance.

Changing Your Car’s Oil
Before pouring fresh oil into your car, you need to remove the old oil first. Find your car’s oil pan and then locate its drain plug. Get a large container and place it under the drain plug to catch all of the old oil that will pour out. Loosen the drain plug using a socket wrench then use your hand to get the drain plug off. A lot of oil will come out of the oil pan and make sure that you catch all of the oil with the container to avoid making a mess in your garage. Wait until all of the oil comes out of the oil pan. After making sure that the oil pan is empty, put the drain plug back into the oil pan.
The next step is to remove the old oil filter. You will need an oil filter wrench to remove the oil filter. Remove the gasket/seal as well. Get a new oil filter and coat it with a little oil before putting it in place. Tighten the new oil filter into place using your hand.
The final step is to pour the fresh oil into your car. First, locate and detach the oil filler cap located on the top of your car’s engine. Get a funnel and use it to pour the fresh oil in. After pouring in the fresh oil, put the filler cap back on. Warm up your car’s engine and check your car’s oil level to make sure that everything is okay.
Tip: Consult your car manual if you don’t know what type of motor oil to use or if you can’t find the oil pan, oil filter, or the oil filler cap.
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