How To Dress Up Windows And Doors For Less

Windows and doors are two areas of your home that are visible from both the inside and the outside.  Whether someone is approaching the house or on the inside, the state of the windows and doors makes a difference.
If your windows and doors could use improvement, getting new ones is probably your best bet to make the biggest impact.  Of course, this isn’t always possible, and in these cases you can follow some easy tips to dress them up without spending a ton of money.

Clean Them Up
Whether it’s a door or window, things like dirt, dust and clutter can make them look a lot worse than they actually do.  Clear away any debris or clutter on the windowsills or around the doors.  Then, get to work scrubbing the glass, the frames, the door and anything else that can use a good cleaning.
Sometimes, a thorough cleaning and de-cluttering can really make a big difference.  If you’re not sure what to do and don’t have a big budget, try this before you do anything else.  And don’t forget to do both the inside and the outside.
Add a Coat of Paint
If cleaning up the windows and doors didn’t give you the desired effect, you might want to try adding a new coat of paint.  Some doors and window frames will accept paint better than others, but if it’s possible it’s worth a try.
Try a new color that will add some excitement to both the inside and outside of the house.  Just remember to make it match with the rest of the rooms and the exterior of the house.  If cleaning can make windows and doors look fresh, new paint will make them look completely new.
Treatments and Curtains
Adding window treatments and curtains is a relatively inexpensive way to dress up both windows and doors in your house.  Since most doors in modern homes tend to have windows, using the same kinds of treatments or curtains as you’d use for regular windows can make a big difference.
The type of treatment or curtains you use can set the tone for entire rooms, and even the exterior of the house.  Take the time to consider the impression people will get when walking up to your front door before you decide on a style of curtains or treatment.  If possible, enlist the help of someone who has experience with interior design, so you really make the right statement and choose the right method to give your windows and doors a boost.
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