How To Explore Europe By Rail

Gone are the days when exploring the world by railway was just something for students. There are some amazingly comfortable sleeper trains available now so you can explore the world by train and in great comfort. The price to explore the world in comfort is also extremely affordable and upgrades are not extortionate as people may experience with airlines.

Hassle Free By Rail
One of the best things about travelling by train is the lack of issues relating to security, huge taxes, terrible food and congestion. If you purchase an InterRail pass you can just jump onboard a train without even queuing for a ticket. Also, you will not be charged for however much luggage you take with you… there is no limit!
Take Your Time with an InterRail Pass
You want to see the world by rail, but don’t do it in a rush. You want to take your time and explore each city and when you are done, just jump on the train and head to the next city. Doing all this and in some style is absolutely possible, you can travel first class if you wish and if so you can experience luxury on and off the train. Most stations now have first class lounges as well – so while you are waiting for your train you will be in some comfort.
Cannot Decide Where To Go?
If you cannot decide where you want to go then an InterRail pass the is the ideal ticket for you, as you can do everything you want on a whim and just turn up and jump on the train. Also, if you arrive in a place and want to spend longer there then you can – no need to call up and change flights etc, just turn up for the train you want. Its so easy.
Just Remember A Few Things
You need to remember a couple of things, not all train companies across the world are equal. Therefore, a first class ticket on a UK train will be very different to a first class ticket on a Romanian Train – so ensure your mind is open to the different levels of standards and experience you may encounter on a journey like this. If budget is key for you then don’t forget that one of the best countries to visit if you are on a budget is Romania. The easiest country for getting trains and travelling in style is Germany.
Steve Buggs is a London to Paris Tours guide with who is currently training to become a Stonehenge Tour guide.