How To Find A Mobile Tyre Fitter

More and more people are turning to mobile tyre fitters when they have breakdowns or simple when their tyres need replacing, but why is this? Well, for one thing, if it’s not an emergency then with a local tyre fitter such as you can simply make an appointment at a time that suits you. And because they tend to be small companies you can talk directly to somebody who is able to help you rather than going through a call centre. You will also often find that you get a friendlier service and can build up a better relationships with a local supplier.

And of course, if you do get a flat tyre, then it can be much more reassuring to call up somebody who already knows you to ask them to come out and replace or repair it. But with the AA, I hear you say, you can get roadside cover. What if you don’t have this cover and you are caught in the middle of nowhere without enough money to pay the tyre fitter. This is not a problem either. With companies such as BK Tyres and other similar firms you can simply pay later on. They understand that when it’s an emergency you might not always have the cash to hand.

But whilst there are many extremely reliable mobile tyre fitters out there, there are also some less reputable firms, so how do you find the good ones? Ideally you want a firm with a wide range of tyres always in stock, and one that comes highly recommended. The first thing to do is to ask trusted friends, relations, colleagues and so on if there are any firms they have recently used that have provided a good service. Often this is the best barometer of a company’s reliability.

If nobody you know or trust has used such a service in the past year or so, then the next thing to do is look online. An online search should come up with a list of mobile tyre fitters in your local area (it’s much better to stay within a fairly small radius, both to narrow the search and for the sake of convenience). Local online business directories can also be very useful in this regard, although you should still check out each company’s website.

Once you’ve come up with a list of names, then you need to do your research before you can think about calling any of them and arranging an appointment to have new tyres fitted. It’s easy enough to look for online reviews but you should also be able to check out the company’s trading history, who it’s owned by and whether it has had any problems in the past. If you can’t find any information on them, then it might be best to avoid them altogether.

You should also compare prices for each company you’re considering and make sure they provide all the services you would want – things like same-day fittings, advice over the telephone and seasonal tyre changes. Be aware that not all companies will offer the same range of services. Make sure that, in the event of a breakdown, you are able to pay for a call-out after the event (after all, not everyone carries cash on them at all times). Most mobile tyre services will be happy to do this, and some will even offer loyalty discounts if you start to go to them regularly.

By now you should have a very short list of service providers and this is the time to call each of them. It’s quite easy to tell a lot about a small firm by who runs the business so ask to speak to the owner or manager if possible. Perhaps ask for some advice over the phone to see how helpful they are and whether they seem knowledgeable. If you find it difficult to speak to anyone with the right skills or they’re a bit flippant because it seems as though you’re not going to place an actual order then they’re probably not worth using.

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