How to Find Good TV Shows to Watch

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Today, there are more TV shows than ever. With hundreds of networks with TV shows dating back to the early 1950s, you will never run out of shows to watch.

Even though there are so many shows to choose from, not all shows are good. Some are terrible and not worth watching. You don’t want to be stuck watching a terrible show when you have the option of watching a good show! If you are stumped over which show to watch, the following sources can provide you with insight into the best TV shows- on the air today or of all time.

How to Find Good TV Shows – Shutterstock

IMDB Top Show List

The IMDB (Internet Move Data Base) has a list of the top TV shows. Users of the website can log in and rate shows. The website uses the ratings from the people who log in and vote on each show. Typically, popular shows have higher ratings than obscure shows. This list will show the best shows determined by popular vote, but it will not be able to provide you with customized show suggestions based on your personal preferences. If you want a personalized TV show list, you will want to try Jinni.



Jinni is a site dedicated to finding users the shows that they will enjoy the most. On the site you can enter search terms based on mood, genre, actors, year, plots, audience, and more. The site then uses the information you provide to give you recommendations based on your personal preferences. The site even tells you where you can find the TV show if it is not currently on air.

At, you can find the most popular TV shows on the air right now. The popular shows vary from season to season, and include a good mix of older shows and new shows. Most of the shows on the popular TV show list are the best currently running on television. The list is based on top viewers and viewer ratings.

Other Top Show Lists

If you are looking for a new show to watch, there are thousands of top TV show lists online. All you have to do is search for a specific term, like “top romance TV shows” or “top action TV shows.” You will be able to find hundreds of lists offering opinions on which shows are the best throughout TV history.

Rotten Tomatoes

One of the most popular TV and movie review sites is Rotten Tomatoes. This site gives each TV show a “tomato” rating. If the site thinks a movie is good, it will have a whole tomato by the name of the show. If the site thinks a movie is bad, it will have a green tomato splat by the name. You can read the official Tomatoes review as well as reviews by viewers to see why the site gives the show that rating. Based on these reviews, it is easy to find good TV shows to watch.

Finding a new TV show can be overwhelming with so many choices. can be a good, and financially wise choice, as it offers a wide range of channels for those in need. Fortunately, the Internet makes it much easier to find high quality shows so you don’t have to waste your time.