How To Find Great Food In A Foreign Country

In order to find great eats in a foreign country, you need to know what you like personally. I recommend picking up a simple translation booklet so that you can find simple words for beef, chicken, pork,etc. When you can find learn these translations, it will rectify where you should go for the best menu. That is, if you want a simple way of eating while traveling.
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However, if you would like a little adventure, take a risk a visit the local deli to get familiar with the food there and work your way up to established restaurants. If the foreign country you’re visiting does not have a deli of some sort, then take a chance at the food. It will most likely be like nothing you have tasted before regardless of the country. Take heed to the foreign countries cultures. Some countries eat pizza or French fries with a fork and knife. Some countries make bread with their feet. Eating in other countries can be a challenge for some people, but it can also be exciting and rewarding.

When visiting Germany, I recommend the bratwurst. It is not like our American made bratwurst. It is thinner and much more enjoyable. It’s served on a hot piece of baked bread and a spicy type of mustard. It is absolutely wonderful! This is one example of a good eat in a foreign country. In Germany, it is called a “bratwurst mit brotchen und senf.”

Most times, in order to find great eats in a foreign country, I find it easier to walk around the town that you are visiting, mingle with the people a little and see what they recommend. A lot of countries teach English as a second language and the younger population is usually friendly enough to help you find what you need. It gives you an opportunity to find out about the culture and food that the city is offering.

In many countries abroad, different cities may offer different types of cuisines as well. Just like here in the United States, there are different states in other countries, so the food may vary with the change of state.

Whether you travel to Germany or the Maledives, take a risk, make it an adventure and enjoy your time. After all, it’s your vacation, and the food of a foreign country is a big part of it. Enjoy the cuisine of a place you may never be again!

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