How To Find Ihe Best IT Recruitment Agency For You

How to Find the Best IT Recruitment Agency for You

If you’re looking for a job in IT, it can be confusing working out which IT recruitment agency you should choose. There are so many out there that the task can seem daunting at first impression, but what you need to remember is that the sheer number of agencies there are makes things better for you.

Ask THEM Questions

It’s important to remember that recruitment agencies need clients like you to stay in business, and so before signing up with any of them you need to take a good look at what they can offer you. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions about what they can do for you, and make sure they give you straight answers.

For instance, ask them how they keep ahead of trends in the IT industry. Do they just react to current market conditions or are they looking ahead to see what skills and abilities their clients will need in the future? Are they looking at what will be the industry standards in the future, and can they say which software and systems you’ll need to be skilled in to get employment in the future? A good IT recruitment agency won’t just be looking to place you in your next role, but will be helping you think about what you need to do to get the ones after that too.

Connections with Large Companies

Don’t forget to check what links they have with large companies and how many people they’ve placed in jobs with them. A lot of recruitment agencies may boast of having links, but you should ask them to name the companies they’ve worked with and give examples of people they’ve placed within them. This will let you know if they’re placing people with skills similar to yours, and if they’ll be able to find work that suits you.

Their Attitude and Service

Finally, look at how they treat you. Do they see you as just another client, or do they look at you as an individual? A good recruitment agency should talk to you and explore your skills and abilities. Once they’ve done that, they’ll be able to suggest ways to improve your chances of getting a job, from improvements to your CV to proposing new skills you can learn to improve your employability. IT is always a rapidly-changing field as new systems come along and new software standards are adopted, and a good recruitment agency will ensure that you keep pace with the market and remain employable.

Finding the right IT recruitment agency for you doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you remember that they exist to work for you, and should show you what they can do.  Speak to a specialist IT recruitment agency like Modis if in any doubt.