How To Find Jobs In Kolkata

receptionist job

Whether you’re a newly graduate or an experienced professional, you need to have an appealing resume within your hand. You can find different jobs right away if you resume is efficient enough to speak your whole story distinctive to others. There are lots of jobs offered in Kolkata. If you are willing to apply for receptionist jobs in Kolkata then you should be prepared for a bulk of job hitting your way.

For any job you should carry a professional yet correct form of resume. Avoid grammatical and vocabulary mistakes which may put inverse effect to your whole personality.

Receptionist jobs or front office jobs are usually easy to find within any country as it doesn’t require very high qualification.

Here is a complete guide about how to make your professional resume.

Resume Content

Numerous graduates expect that absence of work experience will make their resumes look deficient or unremarkable, and they depend on “cushioning” their resumes to fill clear space. Try not to fall prey to this enticement! You will more likely than not get in any falsehoods or misleading statements and that is an ensured approach to lose your chance at any employment


There should be a heading at the top of your resume that incorporates your name, postage information, telephone number and email address. On the off chance that you have an expert site, its web location can be incorporated, yet ensure the content you provide is 100% true for the office first.


List any higher education’s that you’ve earned here and in addition the awards, for example, proficient accreditations. Students have yet to procure a degree can list their foreseen date of graduation such as this: Bachelor of Business Administration, Expected May 2012. You can also incorporate your GPA in the event that it’s 3.0 or better. This shows businesses you are persevering and that you keep up scholastic magnificence.


It’s by and large best to compose an introductory cover letter and bar the vocation objective. In any case, if an imminent boss has requested that candidates not submit introductory letters, then it’s a smart thought to incorporate maybe a couple sentences that succinctly depict your objectives for the position.

Chosen Experience

Utilizing “chose” serves two capacities: First, it shows that you’re just portraying past employments that directly affect your capability for the present position. Second, for those understudies who are stressed over an absence of work history, it suggests more experience without putting forth any false expressions.

Make certain to list of your recent experiences to begin with for example “receptionist job in Kolkata”. Incorporate the organizations name, your employment title, area, and the dates you worked there. In case you’re right now utilized and the position is important, it can be recorded as ‘begin date-present’ (e.g., 10/29/12-present).


Now here it comes, be yourself while specifying your abilities. List up your abilities that you’ve possessed within your personality. If you require a ‘receptionist job’ then you need to mention that you are proficient in computer tasking and client services. Don’t show off yourself with strange abilities that you can never even attempt.

Certificates & Awards

This point isn’t required, yet it can be helpful to top off space if fundamental or highlight unique accomplishments. It’s alright to incorporate scholastic honors here on the grounds that they show persistence and diligent work.

Special Interests

This is another “filler” option that isn’t required, yet it can be helpful to show proof of elusive abilities such as administration or correspondence. If you require front office job then you need to writer your interests accordingly.