How To Fully Enjoy The Rich Culture Of Scotland On Your Next Trip To Europe

How To Fully Enjoy The Rich Culture Of Scotland On Your Next Trip To Europe

Scotland is a European country that’s known for its natural beauty, important historical sites and unique culture. If you’re planning to visit this part of the UK on your next trip to Europe, you can find ways to immerse yourself in the Scottish culture better so that you can enjoy an experience that’s more authentic. Here are a few things that you can do to enjoy the rich culture of Scotland even more on your next trip to Europe.

Learn About Iconic Historical Scottish Figures

Certain people have helped shape Scottish history, and learning more about these people during your time in Scotland can give you a greater appreciation of the country’s special culture. Mary, Queen of Scots, who is arguably the most famous member of Scottish nobility, can be learned more about by visiting museums along with sites, such as Holyrood house Palace, Edinburgh Castle and Inchmahome Priory. Sir William Wallace, who is more commonly known as Braveheart, led Scottish forces in the fight for independence against England and has the Wallace Monument erected in his honor in Stirling. Other important Scottish figures that you’ll want to consider learning more about include Bonnie Prince Charles, Saint Andrew, and Lord Macbeth.

Enjoy Classic Scottish Pastimes

Many of Scotland’s locals are known to enjoy specific pastimes, and some of these leisurely activities have also been adopted by people in other parts of the world. A traditional Scottish game known as Kirkwall Ba’ is a more rugged version of football that’s played with a leather ball stuffed with cork and on a larger field. Archery is also a popular activity in Scotland and has long been used for hunting and warfare as well as recreation. Most historians agree that the modern version of golf was invented in Scotland, and you can have a golf tour arranged through a company like SGH Golf INC that gives you opportunities to play on some of the best courses along Scotland’s east and west coasts.

Sample the Authentic Cuisine

Another great way to immerse yourself in Scottish culture is to try some of the country’s authentic cuisine during your visit. Haggis, which is a pudding that’s made with the heart, liver, and lungs of a sheep along with vegetables and spices that are stuffed inside the sheep’s stomach, is a classic Scottish dish that’s not meant for the squeamish. If the idea of eating haggis makes you feel uneasy, you might be better off trying the roast Aberdeen Angus beef. When it’s time for dessert, you can satisfy your sweet tooth by munching on some Empire biscuits or Scottish macaroons.

Learn the Differences of Words

Even though English is now the main language of Scotland, Daily Record explains that certain words in the country have different meanings than in other parts of the English-speaking world. For example, the word patter usually means a repeated light tapping sound, while in Scotland, the word is often used to describe something that’s funny. Potato chips are known as crisps. If you’re hungry for a sandwich, you can try ordering a piece. A close in Scotland is often used to refer to the passageway leading into an apartment building.

Getting to know the Scottish culture better will make your time in Scotland a more worthwhile experience. Being more culturally involved will also likely make you want to visit Scotland again in the future.