How to Get a Great Deal on a Used Stair Lift

The used mobility equipment market is flooded with options. Many people who buy stair lifts or even vertical lifts need them on a short-term basis, while waiting for a major surgery or while attending physical therapy. Quick turnaround leads to better variety on the secondhand market – brand new models are just as common as the older ones, brand refurbished models are just as easy to come by as the for-sale-by-owner lifts.

Variety is a good thing because it gives you more choices but it can make the decision-making process a little bit more difficult. Which kind of used lift will save you the most money? Which kind will last the longest? Balancing cost and quality is the hardest part. This quick guide will help you decide which kind of used lift is right for you.

Choosing Your Source

The advantages of your lift depend directly on which type of used lift you choose. Buying a lift from the current owner is very different than buying a used lift from an authorized reseller.

A lift purchased directly from the current owner would give you the benefit of negotiation. Sometimes you can even find a “free lift” listing in the local classifieds. Unfortunately, this means that you will be responsible for making sure that you have enough length of track, and you’ll have to replace some of the moving parts for the sake of maintenance. You will also have to coordinate your own installation.

We suggest buying a refurbished or re certified lift from an authorized retailer. You can even obtain refurbished/certified lifts directly from the manufacturer! This is the most secure way to buy used models because the machines usually come with a parts warranty, and you can guarantee that they will work. Many authorized used lift suppliers can provide an installation team but allow self-installation as well.

Getting the Best Deal Available

Obtain the official owner’s manual for any lift you consider buying. These are often available online at the manufacturer’s website. The owner’s manual will list all sorts of maintenance procedures and troubleshooting tips, and this will help you determine the long-term “cost of ownership” for that particular lift.

Buying a popular model helps to ensure a steady supply of used parts. By calling the manufacturer before you invest, you can find out how long they expect those parts to remain in production. Ask about the parts warranty if going through an authorized reseller. Some refurbished and recertified models might even come with optional full warranties. These options are important to consider if you want a lift that will continue to operate for years to come.

Are you excited about investing in your mobility? Used stair lifts are great at fulfilling two purposes – you can spend a little to hold you over while saving for a new model or you can spend a little more to get a used lift that will last forever. The purpose of a stair lift is to be dependable, so you can count on well-maintained used models to carry on that job for quite some time.


Natalie S. is an online freelance writer that contributes your work to countless health and medical related websites and blogs. She is a self-proclaimed health nut that loves sharing her knowledge to readers maintain a healthy lifestyle.