How To Get A Recruitment Agency Working For You?

A lot of people find it difficult to get a response form an agency when they’re out of work. If you want to avoid this lack of contact then try an agency that specialises in the area of work that you’re interested in. You should always try and set up an appointment with your agency as the time spent talking over you needs and how you can make amendments in order to better your chances of getting your perfect job.
They will be able to tailor your CV so that it is instantly picked up by the recruiter. The agent will know the things that make employers tick. They’ll know how to sell your skills and also make any weaknesses a positive. They know which punchy titles and keywords to use in order to produce a fantastic looking CV. A good looking CV is extremely important; if the employer can flick through and see the points relevant to the job description they will prefer this over reading through two sides of A4 in order to pick out any potential.

A CV should be easy to read and relevant to the job description, you may know in your head you have the skills that are required for the job you’ve applied for but if it isn’t down on paper how will the employer know? You have to put yourself above everyone else, so no matter how obvious you think it may be, make sure it’s on there.
If you don’t seem to be hearing back from the agencies then your CV is probably not up to the standard that is required, you should contact them again; failing that contact a bigger agency, explain your problem and they should point you to someone who can help you sort it out.
Recruitment agents are the first people to see your CV so they are the first people you need to impress. If the agent doesn’t think you’re the right person for the role they won’t send your CV onto the recruiter, you have to make yourself the right person in their eyes.
Sometimes you won’t have the relevant experience or education for the job that you really want. Speak to one of the agents and they can help you to decide on your next steps. They’ll tell you what you need to be where you want to be but they’ll also advise you of similar roles that you could apply for.
Once you have your CV ready then be sure to upload it online with as many recruitment agencies as possible, you never know what prospective recruiters are browsing through the agency’s CV’s on file.
This article was written by Charles Kent, a recruitment agent, for, a top class recruitment agency in the UK.