How To Get His Attention By Looking Your Best

You have noticed the good-looking single guy in the office for several weeks, and you are trying to get him to notice you.  You may make eye contact, smile, even make an effort to bump into him every chance you get in order to get onto his radar. But one of the most important things a woman can do to get a guy’s attention at work is to keep yourself looking good. This means paying attention to the details such as wearing the right clothes, choosing flattering colours, styling your hair, getting a manicure, and accessorizing with nice jewellery. When you look pulled together, you appear more confident, which is something that is sure to get a guy’s attention at work!

Wear the right clothes

Part of getting a guy to notice you is wearing the right clothes. This means choosing outfits that are flattering without being too revealing. Opting for skirts instead of pants, and choosing cuts and styles which flatter your figure rather than camouflage it can draw positive attention to you and get him to notice you. When you choose the right clothing for your shape, you can accentuate your assets while hiding the parts which make you feel more self-conscious. The result will be a look which makes you look and feel more confident, which will automatically make you more appealing. Choosing the right colors is another part of getting him to notice you at work. Find the colors that work best to complement your complexion. Colors which are bold, yet flattering will not only automatically draw attention in a good way, but they will also make you stand out among the other women in the office.

Good Hair is Important

Making sure your hair is just-so will also help get him to notice you. When your hair is perfectly coiffed, it helps complete a look and makes you look pulled together. A woman’s hair is often one of the first things a guy notices, so making sure it is colored, cut, clean, and styled every single day will not only make your hair gloriously soft and healthy looking, but it will certainly be one thing that will make it impossible for him to keep his eyes off you.

You can tell a lot about a woman by the condition of her hands. By having ragged nails with chipped polish, it often makes people think you can’t be bothered with the details. But by making sure you keep your nails and hands manicured, it gives you a polished look, making men more drawn to you as it completes the whole picture.

Finish the look with some nice Jewellery

Finally, accessorizing is one of the best things you can do to get a guy to notice you at work. You can set yourself apart from the other women in the office by putting the final touches on your whole look with the right accessories. There is a huge choice of Jewellery out there from pretty bracelets for Women to the perfect fashion necklace, or a pair of great earrings. All of which will help draw his attention to you.

There is a lot you can do to get a guy to notice you at work. Looking good is the most important thing you can to to get his attention. When you are looking good, pulled together, and polished, you will not only stand out among the other women in the office, but you will possess a confidence that most men find irresistible.

Author  – Abigail Smith, Fashion and Lifestyle writer.