How To Get Into The Perfect Mindset When Writing From Home

A lot of employees are choosing to work from home because of the many benefits and convenience that it brings. Most of these employees are writers. It’s the most popular job to be done at home. All you need is a computer and internet access and voila, mission accomplished, right? Wrong.
Working in the office and working at home are two very different things. In the office, you have people around you who are equally busy. These people give you the drive to become busy as well. At home, you can just be alone. In an office, you have a world of resources available to you whereas you are limited by what you own at home. And in the office, your boss is just around the corner waiting to yell at you or bug you to make your deadline. And we know, that is a big motivation for you to finish your job. It’s harder to keep the deadline when you’re working from home…but not impossible! Here are a few tips to get you into the perfect mindset when writing from home.

  1. Get enough sleep. Staying up partying on a Sunday night can mean an awful headache come Monday morning. You lose focus and the drive to work the next day. It’s okay to party but make sure that you get enough rest to get you through the next day’s work. Oh, and don’t forget to hydrate to avoid hangovers.
  2. Surround yourself with inspiring things. Fill your workspace with reminders of times that made you truly happy. Hang a painting, place a photo or fill your table with reminders of fun vacations with friends and family. You will surely be excited to get your work done.
  3. Don’t attempt to write on an empty stomach. If it’s time for lunch, take a break and eat. An empty tank won’t take you anywhere. Also, being hungry makes you sleepy.
  4. Kick start your brain. Maybe it’s music that gets you into writing mode or walking around makes you think clearly. Whatever it is, do it a few minutes before sitting down in front of the computer to write (or in this case, type).
  5. Organize your thoughts. Sure it’s been said an awful lot of times before but organizing can be quite useful whether it is your to-do list or your thoughts. Visualizing your topics or the order of your paragraphs step-by-step can help you write easily and quickly.
  6. Walk away. When it’s too much or you find yourself with a writer’s block, walk away. Something good will come out of it later. Distract yourself for awhile then go back when you find your light bulb moment.

Writing from home or anywhere outside the office can be fun and productive. Just be creative on how you do it.
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