To travel around the world sure sounds pretty exciting and happening. You will get to see new places, learn new cultures, languages, cuisine and about people. That’s a very big canvas where you can portray millions of things. But to travel around this big globe you need a hefty amount of money. So if you are planning to become a travel content writer one of the most important concern is to get paid not only for your living but in this case travelling as well. Here are some tips how your travel freelance content writing job can pay you for both your living and wandering.

  1. Be motivated and flexible – You should be always motivated and flexible about your timings. That is you should manage your living on pittance and even on short notice you should be able to pack your bags and move. You should be persistent with your writing task and have to do it more, not only to for potential publication but to practice.
  2. Writing pattern – As a travel content writer you should be exposing yourself to almost all kinds of articles and taking notes and suggestions from each one of them, to keep your style constantly improving and up to date to the modern day trends. Never go for lengthy and monotonous descriptions, be short and simple when it is about making a brief of your story. It impacts more than the long written story. A good written content immediately catches the eye of the editor and has more chances to getting you a full time job there rather than the usual ones.
  3. To be your best – A basic misconception that as travel content writer you will have is that everyone is interested, but it is the problem that most of the people are not interested in you. No one wants to hear about your last holidays, lengthy stories and details of your every visit and every days of that particular tour. What will keep your audience glued is not the details but the difference of your writing style. The angle of your story telling should be unique and eye catching, that’s when it will start gluing audiences to your blog or write ups. The first line is key, it should draw reader.
  4. Get Published – You should always keep on looking the opportunities to get published with the big names, but in the meanwhile never stop getting published if you don’t find any of them. Its not about getting big names but to start with atleast get published because that will help you building your profile. Getting recognised is what will help landing a decent travel content writing job.