How To Get Secure Web Hosting Experience?

Before we look into features of Web Hosting it is pertinent to first grasp exactly what the term “Web Hosting ” denotes. More info on cloud hosting can be found here: Web Hosting Reviews.

Finding a good web hosting company seems to be indispensable in today’s world where most of us are intending to open up websites for promoting our business across the globe. However, there can be security related issues so, when you’re choosing a web host, do keep in mind you need a host that offers some of the finest security features needed to protect your data. Today I’ll explain how to get secure web hosting. For getting an insight into web hosting and other important aspects related to it.

  • First and foremost, your chosen web host should know that the best way to protect your data against any possible infringement is to have a proactive approach rather than reactive. It should have ample features and tools that would detect any malware well before it could lead to any big disaster and then protect your data as well. Make sure your web host has a good infringement detection system up and running.
  • Now the second most important thing is to have a secured file transfer system in place. While most of the hosting service providers offer FTP for file transfer, try asking them if they offer anything more secure like SFTP, SCP etc., for encrypted connections.

  • Before making a choice, make sure your web host has a good, potent malware protection system in place. See, malware can be of any type; it might be in form of a virus that corrupts your system or a Trojan attack. No matter if it is meant to corrupt your server or intends to attack your PC, the host should offer malware protection to help your data stay safe.
  • Your chosen web host’s data center should also be well protected and should have instant cooling solutions along with power backup options.
  • Moreover, the hosting provider should offer firewalls to protect your data against any attempt of infringement. Almost all providers proclaim to offer network security solutions, but you need to be very vigilant and specific what you’re going to get and what you need.

It’s always advised to know a little more about your hosting provider before you make your final decision. Read the fine print and read between the lines. You should always ask questions and see if the rep gives you satisfying answers or not; if he doesn’t, stay miles away, don’t get duped.  Aside from being extra cautious while choosing hosting company, there are a few other rudiments regarding security that need to be followed.

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1. Do not keep anything that you’re not using be it an account, a database, script or an app; just delete it. Unused things, aside from being a load on the server also are likely to risk the security of your website.

2. Use strong passwords. I know you must have heard it over and over now, how important it is to have strong passwords, so hopefully it doesn’t need any more emphasis. You can get help from a password manager software if you find it hard to remember passwords.

3. In case your script has configuration files, ensure encrypting them. Do not leave them like that out on the root document directory.

4. Last but not the least, your PC should be secure as well. A bit of caution on your part can save you from bigger disasters later on.