How To Get The Expensive Garden Look At A Fraction Of The Price

The value of a great looking garden can be absolutely priceless but, unfortunately, for many people priceless actually just means very expensive. There are no rules stating that great looking gardens have to be costly though. In fact, there are plenty of ways you can get an expensive looking garden at a much lower price as long as you’re not too hasty with your impulse purchases and you don’t mind compromising a bit.
Firstly, however, it’s important to point out that the cheapest option isn’t always the cheaper option in the long run. For example, in the case of garden furniture a really low-quality chair might not even make it through the summer. If every year you have to replace garden furniture you’ll end up spending more money than if you had made an initial investment on high quality tables and chairs.

High quality that doesn’t cost a fortune, however, won’t always be pretty, but if the price is right that doesn’t matter. A plain white tablecloth can look very classy and will also hide your plain yet functional table. Pillows can create a similar effect for your chairs.
One reason expensive gardens look so good is because they’ve often had professionals working on them. While you might not be able to afford a landscaper, you can certainly afford to take the time to design a garden that has a coherent theme.
A garden that is tied together in terms of its plants, furniture and decorative pieces will look much more sophisticated. You can also take inspiration and ideas from your friends and family but whatever you do, don’t rush.
In fact, if you’re patient you can save yourself a lot of money. If instead of buying lots of fully-grown plants you plant bulbs and seeds you’ll only pay a fraction of the price for what will eventually be a lovely garden. Of course, you will have to wait to benefit from their beauty, so it might be a good idea to take a mixed approach unless you want a completely bare garden to start out with.
Do you know what can instantly make a garden look more expensive? Wildlife. Money can’t buy birds, but it can buy low-cost items that when used correctly will slowly start to attract more and more species.
Cheap birdfeed, bird boxes and birdbaths will create a nice environment for your feathered friends. A word of warning: indiscriminately throwing your leftover food onto your lawn is more likely to attract rats and mice than birds, and will instantly make your garden look messy and cheap.
Another fantastic way of getting the expensive look on the cheap is to fake it. So instead of expensive stone pots why not try fibreglass stone effect planters? A few of these at different heights and shapes can create a stylish potted plant area.
Meanwhile, if you have unsightly walls that are ruining your gardens environment you could consider getting some suitable climbing plants like clematis to cover them up. Before you know it you’ll have that expensive looking garden and you’ll be able to enjoy it without any guilt about how much it cost.
Written by Sam Luther, an experienced blogger and passionate gardener