How to Get the Most Out of Your Gaming Collection

If you fancy updating your gaming collection, but are short on cash, selling some of your existing collection may be the answer. We all have games, and even consoles, that we no longer use. Obviously, you will not want to sell the console you are using at the moment, but may want to sell an old one that you rarely use. There are several ways to sell your old games console, and get a good price for it. Here we will consider just a few of them.

Sell Your Old Xbox Locally

Some people will quite happily buy a used Xbox from a car boot or table top sale, so if you are doing a sale throw your old games console. It is far more likely to sell if you offer a few games at the same time. Parting with games can be difficult, but if you are swapping platforms there is no point in hanging onto old games you may never play. After all, you would only be doing so for sentimental reasons, plus, if you change your mind you can always buy another copy at a later date.

It is also possible to sell a used game console via the classifieds. If you take this approach, you may get more for it, especially if you let potential buyers try before they buy. However, to do this you may have to invite strangers into your home.

I was able to sell my old Xbox to a friend, so, for me, this was not an issue. However, it did mean that when they could not get it going I felt obliged to drive across town and set it up for them.

You can sometimes sell items like these shops that give you cash for electronics. However, bear in mind that what you get for it when you sell a used Xbox, or other games console, in this way is likely to be very low indeed. Their service is really aimed at people who need cash in a hurry.

Things to Bear in Mind

Be careful about how you are paid. Checks can bounce and you need to check notes to make sure that they are not forged.

Before you sell your Xbox privately, make sure you understand how much it is worth. You will kick yourself if you sell it for less than its true value. A few older Xbox games and special edition games are now worth more than just a few pounds, so double check their value before you sell them.

A Last Thought

If you do not need the cash, giving your Xbox to charity is a good idea. They sell well, but some charity shops do not accept electronics of any kind.However, your local hospital may appreciate it for the children’s ward. A friend, on a tight budget, would love your old Xbox, but try to give them a couple of games at the same time. That way they will be able to enjoy it without having to spend any money.

Author Bio: Jonathan Hughes writes and blogs on a range of subjects, including gaming. He hopes that this article helps you to sell your Xbox for a good price.