How to get those sculpting shoulders in lesser time?

Have you been looking out for great results with less time in hand and without using any sort of machine? Well, free weight workouts would be the best option that you should follow to get those sculpting shoulders in no time.

Getting those defined muscles and sculpting physique undoubtedly takes a lot of time and patience, says a personal coach.

Through this post, we shall be discussing some of the free weight shoulder workouts that you must consider doing under the supervision of a qualified personal instructor with fitness trainer certification.


Weight free shoulder workout regimen:

The exercises that we will be mentioning here are quite simple to do and you don’t need any sort of weights. Don’t think that these exercises won’t be as effective as performed those with weights.

The key here is to perform these movements in the right form where you will yourself feel that targeted muscle group is into action. Sooner or later, you will certainly see results yourself but for that you need to stay consistent.

Here are some of the shoulder workouts that will help you get results:

Pike push-ups

Steps to perform pike push-ups:

  1. Firstly, you have to get down to normal push-up position.
  2. After that, gradually move your hands back till the point you feel that your body has come in an inverted V position with your butts at the top.
  3. Now, begin with the position without compromising the posture. Make sure you perform as many push-ups as much you can do.
  4. Initially, you can do around 8 repetitions and gradually increase them.

Front barbell raise

Steps for performing front barbell raises:

  1. Grab a barbell and hold it at shoulder distance apart or a bit wider to make most of the front area of the shoulders.
  2. In case, you wish to target your deltoids only, then try to lift the barbell till your arms are perpendicular to the ground.

Important note:If you are thinking about taking up weight with thrust from your hips or legs, it will put a lot of weight on you. Hence, it is always advisable to go with light weights in order to reduce the possibilities of injury and allow your shoulders to do the lifting part, says a qualified personal instructor with fitness trainer certification.

Bend-Over Rear Delt Lateral Raise:

Many people out there tend to ignore training rear delts when it comes to performing shoulder exercises. If your rear delts isn’t that strong enough then make sure you do the laterals raises exercises first and think about doing bend-over rear delt lateral raise.

Steps to do the bend-over rear delt lateral raise:

  1. Firstly, try to grab a set of dumbbells that you are comfortable to lift.
  2. After that, raise your dumbbells straight up towards your sides making sure that you are contracting your shoulder blade muscles in one go using your rear delts and not your arms, says a qualified personal instructor with fitness trainer certification.