How To Give A Corporate Gift Basket

When you send a corporate gift basket it usually has to be done with more care than if you were sending a gift basket to your sister or close friend. Corporate gift baskets are great gifts to give to employees, your coworkers, or even a customer who you want to show your deep appreciation to. Below are five tips on when and how to send corporate gift baskets so that they have the most impact on the intended recipient.

1. The biggest reasons for sending a gift basket in a business setting are as a gift during the holiday season, to say thank you, as an apology, or to give your congratulations to a business colleague for a job well done. While there are other reasons why you could send a gift basket these are the top reasons. Sending a gift basket for any of these reasons can let the recipient know that you are aware of them and that they are being thought of to a great extent. For instance, sending a gift basket to a customer can let them know that they are valued and that you appreciate their business.
2. When you are sending a gift to a colleague try not to make the gift too personal such as perfume or clothing. A gift basket may seem impersonal, but in reality it can appear professional and warm to the recipient. Don’t forget that above all whenever you give a gift in a business setting you should be careful to never give off the wrong impression. You might innocently give the gift of a bottle of alcohol without thinking anything of it, but in some cultures alcohol is seen in a negative light. Corporate gift baskets are always seen as professional without becoming too involved or too personal.
3. If you are having trouble deciding what type of gift basket to get a business acquaintance gourmet food gifts baskets can be the perfect blend of professionalism with gift giving. Many people enjoy receiving a gourmet food gift basket with crackers, nuts, cheese spreads, and even gourmet fruit. They will often share it with the other people in their office. In fact, it can make a great office gift specifically for the purpose of covering more than one person within the same organization on your gift giving list.
4. Try not to become too over the top with your basket giving. There are certain baskets which are showy and ostentatious. While they may look beautiful they can also send the wrong message to your professional colleagues who might wonder why you are trying to impress them so much. Instead choose a smaller classic gift basket to give in a business setting. For example, while wearing a business suit to a meeting is always considered appropriate wearing a cocktail dress would not be. The same rule applies to gift baskets. In fact if you stick with the smaller gift basket the impact will be greater, and the cost to you will be much smaller.
5. If you are sending an international gift basket then you should do a little research on the local customs for the country you are sending the basket to. Some cultures are more open to accepting gifts while others might frown on the practice. Try to be aware of and follow local customs no matter how different they might seem to you. Doing business in another country must often be handled with care, and gift giving is just one of the examples where cultural difference may be prevalent. Do your research and avoid a cultural gaffe when you give your corporate gift basket.
Nadia Sokoloff is the owner of, which offers corporate gift baskets and gourmet food gift baskets.