How To Give A Housewarming Gift With A Difference

When we think about housewarming gifts, we often think about things that, in reality, are a little bit boring and predictable. I am talking about things like pots and pans, kettles, and all the other wonderful appliance type things that get given when you move house. If you have not got the gifts you want then, you can always ask for them on your wedding day, can’t you?
Pots and pans and kettles as housewarming gifts is a little like buying a man socks and pants every birthday and Christmas, now I’m sure we could all do a little better than that.
Luxury food hampers are often associated with romantic picnics, or winning a prize in a magazine competition, but why not create your own to give a stunning housewarming gift with a difference?

Starting Out

Everyone knows that the most irritating thing about moving is having to go shopping afterwards. That is why we all slip into a tasty yet not too nutritious diet of pizza and other takeaways as soon as we move.
By treating your friends to a basket full of goodies, you will be taking that out of the equation.

Of course, there is more to it than simply going down to the shops and buying random items from the shelves.

What to Give

The best food gifts are either organic foods, or premium, homemade ingredients that have an edge in authenticity and charm.

For starters, look for some spreads and preservatives, such as marmalade and damson jam, with a farmhouse loaf of bread so they can enjoy a tasty slice of toast in the mornings. No doubt someone else will have bought them a toaster, so problem solved!
Other great choice to give as gifts are basic items that almost anyone has in their cupboard, it is just that your purchases come with more love and thought. A box of organic free-range eggs as well as homemade, naturally produced pasta shapes will always go down well. Include a tasty pesto, or perhaps some olives, to give another meal idea and save the dreaded trip to the takeaway pizza place.

Being Appreciated

Take it from me, a thoughtful gift such as a food hamper will be much more appreciated than something like a toaster or kettle. Just make sure you include a bottle of wine or champagne in there, too, so the lucky recipient can relax after a stressful day of moving.
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