How To Grow Spiritually

Life has a tendency to feel out of control for many of us. We may feel that for one reason or another that the stress of our life has gotten the best of us and we don’t have the energy or will power for anything more to happen to us. We may feel balanced overall, but have uncontrollable negative thoughts about our life’s difficult situations and don’t have a better coping strategy than our frequent feelings that seem to run amok. We are so busy dealing with life’s daily struggles or in general our busy lives that we are left feeling inadequate, drained and worst of all, unconnected to our spirituality. So, what steps can we take? What can we do to make our situation better and get reacquainted to who we truly are, at the root?

The truth is, there are many ways to begin the process of getting in touch with our spiritual selves. Know that no matter how disconnected we may feel with our religion or daily practice connecting us to God or  higher power that it is always there. We haven’t “lost” the ability for spirituality in our lives and when we are ready to devote ourselves to our spirituality, it is there waiting for us. If we have relied on others to validate our feelings for example, we may need to practice focusing on our own inner-knowing and intuition to solve our biggest challenges in life. Many of us are conditioned to believe that the answers we need are in our head, our brain, our mind. The problem with this is it isn’t our heart, which is where the truest of answers come from. Secondly, our mind sends many mixed messages to our conscious mind such as negative thoughts, and immediate and often harmful responses that can’t always be trusted to fix our situation. Focus on being quiet and stay connected to what is true for us and the answers will follow.
Growing spiritually is a daily practice or at least, a regular practice. For some who have a repetitive lifestyle of TV watching, going on the internet and being consumed by the media culture may feel more disconnected than others and feel that they have been bogged down by information that doesn’t really matter in their life. This is common, and in order to be connected to their spirituality may require making some big and small life changes. For example, it may be necessary to limit the amount of TV you watch and replace that with a good book, time to journal write as a way to explore yourself again and focus on meditation, visualization and in general self-examination.
Creativity can be a great way to improve the amount of spirituality in your life and how connected you feel to a greater power. Any outlet that inspires your creativity is good, such as writing, painting, making collages or playing the drums can help your mind and body communicate who it is and how it feels. There are some times that not even you know what’s inside you but by having a creative outlet such as sculpting or photography can ignite a sense of spirituality, than something is bigger than you and help you to feel connected to it in various ways. You make want to consider taking a class to explore another side of yourself. Have you ever tried Yoga? Are you interested in a beginner meditation class or have you ever wanted to travel to Indonesia but never gave yourself the opportunity?
Exploring who you are will lead to exploring your spiritual side. There are no shortcuts to being automatically connected after being disconnected for so long. There are ways to help you feel in touch again to who you truly are deep down at the root of yourself, and to explore your spiritual side. In fact, many people go through their entire life without being brave enough to really explore who they are deep down. Spirituality is a way of life that offers great rewards. It allows you to feel comforted in times of distress, be grounded when your world may be chaotic and most of all, allows you to know who you truly in times of happiness and discomfort.
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