How To Hair Braid With Beads

A bright, beautiful and colourful look, beaded hair is the perfect way for girls to stand out from the crowd. Great for any occasion from a casual drink in the pub to a night out on the town, this style is sure to have heads turning. An easy and achievable look that can be created in no time at all, this is the ideal way for girls to showcase their creative sides. With these few easy steps, ladies will have shimmering, stunning hair in a matter of minutes.
Choosing colours
Prior to braiding hair with beads, ladies will need to obtain a few, basic products; a beader (a piece of plastic with a loop at the end), a rubber band/bobble and beads. These items can be bought in package with a bead making kit, such as the Bead magic Kit or alternatively bought singly at a craft shop or hair salon. Girls should match bead colours to their hair or outfit to achieve a look which best suits them, for example blue eyed beauties could choose teal and sky-blue beads to bring out their eyes. After the items are bought and colours chosen, ladies will be ready and set to go.

Preparing Hair
Before beading make sure hair has been thoroughly brushed. It’s basic but nevertheless essential. Knotted hair will only make the process frustrating and uncomfortable; instead of hair appearing silky and smooth; it’ll look tangled and torn. A look that definitely makes girls stand out but for all the wrong reasons. The process will also work best if hair is unwashed, the beads will slide on more smoothly, resulting in the perfect finish.
Section hair for success
Section off the back area of hair which is not to be used. To do this, use a large hair clip which will firmly hold the hair in place. This is to prevent hair from falling loose and dangling in girl’s faces, there is after all nothing more annoying than having to constantly cast back frustrating strands of hair! Select a very small section of hair to be braided and allow it to hang loose. Make sure the section isn’t too thick to ensure that the beads easily slide over. Once this done, girls will be prepared for take-off.
Beautifully Braid
Begin to braid hair, by dividing it into three parts and crossing the left and right sections repeatedly over the middle area. Try to make sure all three areas are the same level of thickness, to get a nice, even look. When the hair has been braided secure with a temporary bobble. Then take the beader in hand and slip on as many or as little beads as desired. This is done by simply slipping the beads over the looped area of the beader and letting them fall to the bottom. Use different coloured beads to create gorgeous patterns or simply go for a funky, mismatched look.
Loop for a Lush Look
Girls should now complete the process by taking out the temporary bobble and putting the braid through the looped area of the beader. Pull down on the end of the plastic hook and it will cleverly catch onto the hair and slip it out of the loop. Then, with the beader out of the way, use hands to slide beads upwards and position them where desired, putting them close together or alternatively leaving gaps between each. The final step is to secure the beaded braid using a bobble or rubber band. Once this is done, all that is left to do is prepare for a fun night out! Beads can also be then looped into the bobble. For those wanting multiple beaded braids, simply repeat the process over and over, sectioning off hair until completely satisfied.
With these few easy steps, girls can easily braid with beads. All that is required is a few basic products, a little prior preparation and a couple of minutes to braid, loop and bead. With beads available in all colours and fashions, this hair do is a fab hair style which will leave ladies feeling confident and looking great.
By Maria Hubbard.
Image Credit: jerine