How To Have A Quality Time Before Zzz’s

How to Have a Quality Time Before Zzz’s
Women oftentimes complain about how their men do not find the time to become the romantic person they once fell in love with. Men, on the other hand, complain about why their women have all their time spent on other things like work or the children with nothing much left for them. Most couples find it hard to find quality time together with all the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. As much as we want to say to find time to go out and have fun as a couple and bond this becomes difficult with having to work and do other important stuff.

A simple solution would be to use that time right before you go to sleep to spend a quality time with your partner. How? Here are some activities that you can do as a couple so that you only do not get to rekindle the old flame, you will surely have a good night’s sleep as well:

1. Drink something to calm yourselves. It can either be a tea or a glass of wine that will help both of you to relax after a very tiring day at work and with the kids.

2. While at it, try to share something about your day with your partner while you are sipping your drinks. It is a very nice way to tell each other all the positive and negative things that transpired during the day. It is the best time also to ask and give comforting words that both of you really need and at the same time it is a pleasant gesture to keep each other aware of the things that made your day.

3. Listen to music together. Remember having those cheesy love songs you love dancing to when you were on the courtship stage? Admit it or not, you still feel the tingles whenever you hear them played on stereos. Before going to sleep play the music in your bedroom or you can both listen to it from the iPod and start to travel back in time where you both feel you were the only ones in the world.

4. Read a good book together. It does not matter whether you finish the whole book or just read a few chapters from it, what is important that you have the time to be close to each other and be of one thought as you read through the book. You can then talk about what you read afterwards and share your views about it.

5. Finally, if all the time you have left for each other is that few minutes right before closing your eyes, plainly say how much that person means to you and just cuddle. Be comforted with each other’s embrace and having those words as your last thought before closing your eyes will definitely make you feel loved all over again.

Sometimes there comes a time where couples get to be so comfortable with each other that they forget to keep their emotional bond aflame. It is not because the feelings have faded or that they find it unimportant. It is best to regard it as a tiring act with all the hullabaloos that both encounter every day.

Taking a few moments to do things together before bedtime will help remind both how perfectly matched you are and how lucky you are to have each other. These moments of togetherness every night will help you decompress from all the stress you encountered every day and will also guarantee a better day every morning upon waking up.

Always member that at the end of the day you just have to be thankful for that person you chose to share your bed and, more importantly, your life with.


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