How To Have Clean, Beautiful Skin In No Time

Having beautiful skin may be important, but it’s not an easy feat for the majority of the world. Most people suffer from skin problems, such as acne, rosacea or blemishes, and these can often be difficult to deal with.

Even if you weren’t blessed with naturally beautiful skin, there are still plenty of things you can do to get clean, beautiful skin in no time.

Wash your face regularly.

Washing your face is extremely important if you want to have clean skin, but you want to make sure that you’re using the right products. For example, if you suffer from acne, you don’t want to use a soap or face wash that contains alcohol or oil, as this can either dry out your skin or make your acne worse.

You want to make sure that you’re not ridding your face of all the oils, as this can dry out your face and make it look chapped. If your face feels too tight after you wash it, you should use a less abrasive product.

When you wash your face, you want to make sure that you’re washing your entire face, including just under your jaw line and around your forehead. Make sure that you’re also completely washing away any soap or face wash, and always pat dry your face when finished.


Using a moisturizer regularly will also give you clean, beautiful skin. There are different types of moisturizers, and it’s important that you opt for both a light and a heavy moisturizer. Use the light moisturizer in the morning. This will sit better on your skin, especially if you wear makeup. Plus, lighter moisturizers will not irritate any skin conditions. Use the heavy moisturizer at night while you’re sleeping. This will give the moisturizer time to get into your skin and work it’s magic, and it will be able to sit freely on your skin without makeup or other irritants.

Stick to a healthy diet.

You may not think it’s important, but a healthy diet has a positive impact on your skin. Eating vegetables, fruits and grains will benefit your skin. Vitamin C can help heal pimples and omega-3 fatty acids can make your skin shiny and healthy. It’s important to ditch the salty and sugary foods and replace them with fruits and vegetables, and you should also make sure to consume plenty of water.

Protect your skin.

Another great way to improve your skin is to protect it. Make sure that you are always wearing sunscreen when outside, even if you don’t think the sun is shining. Harmful UV rays from the sun can reach your body even in overcast conditions, so it’s best to lather up. You should also avoid fake tanning salons, which can cause significant damage.

Get plenty of rest.

If you’re constantly staying up late and getting up early, it’s going to have a negative impact on your skin. Instead, make sure that you’re getting plenty of rest by going to bed at a decent hour every night.

Lauren Williams is a cosmetologist and avid blogger who enjoys sharing tips for skin health and makeup application.