How To Help A Grandparent With Clutter

Most grandparents collect a lot of things throughout their life. Some of these things may have valuable memories, while others may be just extra things. In severe cases, clutter can accumulate and make it hard to live safely in the home. If your ageing grandparents are one of those that has amassed an unsafe amount of clutter, it may be high time to help them get rid of such things.

Set Modest, Manageable Goals

Instead of trying to clear things out in every part of the house in a just a weekend, break the cleaning project into small and manageable parts instead. Concentrate on cleaning one corner, cabinet or living space one at a time while at the same time making extremely-used and high-density areas as the main priorities. When seniors are nor rushed through the process of decluttering, they will tend to be less protective of their things and will also be less reluctant to let them go. It is important to take note of the items that you are trying to get rid of as some of them may hold important values associated with them, and your grandparents may have to take some time in accepting the idea that they will have to part with them.

Take Plenty of Photos

Before you ask your grandparent to throw away something, make sure to take pictures of such items. Images of the cherished items can sometimes induce the same sense of nostalgia as the items themselves, and they are also easier to manage and organize. The images can be easily stored in flash drives, shares in various social media accounts and can even be printed and placed in albums.

Create a Storage Area

Your grandparents may be resolute in keeping some of the items that they are unlikely to use ever again. It is vital to remain flexible, tolerant and respectful of their wishes. You can make an offer of putting such things in boxes with labels for easy access. These labelled boxes can then be stored in the attic or basement where they are less likely to get. Though this may mean that there can still be a lot of things in-house, there will be far less clutter to manage and lowers the risk of having your grandparents trip and fall.

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