How To Help Your Night Succeed

Whether you’re attending an event or throwing a birthday celebration, being the main organiser of any occasion is not a stress-free role. With a million and one things to think about just some of these include travel arrangements, guests, food, drinks and dress code. For you and your guests to enjoy the night a little bit more though there are a few simple things we all know we should do but on occasion forget or simply misjudge the impact of getting them wrong.

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Venture out with friends that you know
It’s good to be sociable and not be adverse to meeting and engaging with a new group of people but when you’re putting yourself in a situation more dangerous than a casual cup of coffee in a busy Starbucks it can be a wiser to choice to go out with at least one if not a group of people that you know or are familiar with. All it takes is for one part of the occasion to go wrong and a whole evening can be at best tarnished or ruined and at worst dangerous.
Arrange transport in advance
Hopefully people will be arriving and leaving together but anything can happen during an evening; ensuring your own lift home and sticking it is extremely advisable! By booking a lift in advance too you add some stability to the night; you have a time when you know the night is ending and you’re also secure knowing you have someone to take you home. An additional benefit to this is it can prevent you making any rash or silly decisions if you are under the influence too.
Don’t drink too much
Carrying on from the above point – try to control the alcohol levels! The “off-button” most of us have on a usual day to day basis can be skewed or rendered completely ineffective after a few too many glasses of wine. You can be having a wonderful time and a solitary drink too many can just tip you or someone you are out with over the edge turning the energy of the night for the worst. It really can be down to one drink too many so if the volume’s going up and the table’s looking ever so slightly blurry try to get on the water or similarly, if you see someone else going too far do what you would expect to be done for you by your friends and look after them, stopping them if you can from drinking any more excess.
Don’t wear heels you can’t handle
None of us like to listen to this one but if like me you’ve been noticing a gradual increase in heel size over recent years than walking has transitioned from tricky to down right dangerous. Aside from the usual speech full of warnings about how high heels are bad for your feet if you’re not used to them, not having ever worn a brand new pair before and venturing out for a long night filled with dancing and other antics may result in a nasty fall or a twisted ankle. At the risk of sounding like a lecture – if you think handling those super high heels will be a stretch at the beginning of the night, chances are that they will. Giving up mid-way through the evening and taking to the streets bare foot too isn’t particularly safe as any manner of things can be on the floor. Not one for the boys but some food for thought for the girls!
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