How To Identify Spa Circuit Board For Replacement?

How To Identify Spa Circuit Board For Replacement?

Soaking in a spa or hot tub is a rejuvenating and relaxing experience. Apart from the luxurious feeling, spas and hot tubs are popularly used for its immense health benefits. However, there are various parts in a spa which require maintenance and care for optimum performance and durability.

The hot tub circuit board is among the most significant components present in a spa or hot tub. With consistent use, the majority of the spa components tend to wear out and require replacements. However, it can be quite difficult to distinguish the different components in the hot tubs.

Understanding the Spa Circuit and Its Functions

The control pack is the most important part of the hot tub which includes the electrical and mechanical system of the spa. The control pack comprises of the pump, heating element, blower and the circuit board or the controller.

The circuit board of a spa is similar to the printed circuit board which is found in most of the electrical devices. The circuit board performs various vital functions such as filtration, water flow, water temperature, blowers and jets, high limit sensors, spa lights and so forth.

In due course of time, spa circuit boards tend to overheat, wear out and fail eventually. As these boards are exposed to the harsh climatic conditions, it tends to deteriorate. However, with proper care and maintenance these boards are likely to last for many years.

Tips to Identify Circuit Boards

Serial Number:

One of the best ways to identify circuit boards in spas and hot tubs is by its serial number. The serial number of the product can be found on a rectangular white sticker on the back or the front of the circuit board. The serial number includes several numbers along with some alphabets.

Chip Number:

Another method to identify these boards is through the chip number. The chip number is found on a white sticker on the board. It might be etched or branded on the back side of the board. It can also be found written in black marker on a white sticker.

Although it is quite easy to replace these circuit boards with the right tips and information, it can be quite a dangerous task for beginners. It is therefore advised to seek the assistance of spa professionals to replace and repair circuit boards in the spas and hot tubs. It ensures safety and appropriate and accurate installation.

Today there are various reputed dealers who offer a wide range of spa components which include different types of circuit boards at affordable price rates. It is possible to obtain professional assistance from reputed companies while repairing or replacing hot tub circuit board. Moreover, there are many websites which offer online assistance to repair and replace spa components easily and safely.

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