How To Improve Motivation In The Office

How To Improve Motivation In The Office

More people are now coming back to the office and it is great to see everyone’s face. People are excited and motivated to get back to normal life, but how long will this last? People will soon be tired of the morning commute, the cold weather and just being out of their normal routine can all put a change in someone’s mood. Motivation is an extremely powerful tool that encourages your employees to be more productive as well as give a great atmosphere to the overall office environment. There is a range of different techniques to improve motivation, but as with everything, not one shoe fits all. Instead, people have their own motivations, their own goals and they have their own things that make them happy and motivated. This is why a leader needs to understand their employees so that you can offer them the best motivation technique to them. 

Some helpful ways include setting achievable goals, giving feedback for improvements and also bringing the occasional sweet treat into the office can all be good contributors to keeping your employees motivated and happy. In this article, we will go through some helpful tips on how you can improve motivation in the office. 

Learn What People Want 

As we said earlier, not one shoe fits all so it is important to understand what people are wanting to get out of their role and also what can be done to make them happier or more motivated. At the end of the day, we all go to work because of a reason, whether this is to pay your mortgage or buy nice holidays, people go to work because they have to. 

By learning what motivates them, you can understand what you can do as a business to help them achieve this. Whether this is a pay rise for their new home, or progressing up the ranks. No matter what it is, you can help them achieve their goals for happier and more motivated employees. This can also send you the right direction for offering rewards, as this could save you money. There is no point bringing in bakery products for the team if they are after progression and a pay rise. 

Use Training and Development For Motivation

Are you looking at your employees and realising that they are a bit miserable? Well, one way that you can keep them engaged is to offer training and development sessions for your staff. This will engage them once more within the business and will also help them to do their job better, faster or even just happier. 

By helping them to develop their skills, they feel like they are getting something out of the business which they wouldn’t do anywhere else. This can help people feel on the edge to whether to stay at the company or move on. This will also help them and the business in many ways as you are training your staff to do more things which means they are getting more responsibility which will, in turn, help those wanting a raise to achieve that goal. 

Prioritise Employee Wellbeing

When you are in an office environment and someone is ill, you can actually see it go around the office and you just know it is going to come for you next. By keeping your workforce happy and healthy, you can significantly reduce the chance of major illnesses whilst also keeping them motivated. There are many different ways in which you can do this including cycle to work schemes, a gym membership, a half day so they can go to the gym, flexi-time so they can decide to come in late or if budget allows, offer private healthcare.