How To Install An Extractor Fan In Your Bathroom?

The extractor fan is an essential bathroom equipment. It is very useful device as it removes the moisture and smell from the bathroom which may otherwise make the atmosphere unhygienic. Thus, the extractor fan is a prime requirement in your bathroom. When it comes to installing this extractor fan in your bathroom, you should take extra concerns. Generally all the electric work should be undertaken by the professionals but if you have enough expertise and necessary kits, you can do it yourself. It is better if your bathroom has already been equipped with existing wirings such as wall switch, ceiling lights etc.

First and foremost you should have necessary tools like hacksaw, knife, plywood, hammer drill, stepladders, gloves, wire strippers, screwdriver, chisel and access ladder etc. Now you can go for installing your bathroom extractor fan.

  1. Turn of the main electric panel or the circuit breaker button which has a connection with bathroom wiring.
  2. Decide the position of the fan either in the wall or ceiling. Generally fan should be positioned as high as possible from the floor. Ideally it should adjusted over the area of the moister or smell. However it should be away from the door.
  3. Check the cables in the wall with the cable detector as to avoid any unnecessary piercing to any wire. Please also make sure the portion of the wall or ceiling you are going to use has no obstructions like pipes within as it will be difficult to adjust fan in it.
  4. Now prepare the wiring of the fan with the help of the kit by cutting, drilling and all and then attach it with the main wiring with plastic wire connections. To do this rather accurately you can also follow the wiring diagram which may be supplemented by manufacture’s installation instructions.
  5. Now comes the most important task to make the hole inside the wall or ceiling according to the size and shape of the fan. For that you can make use of the template and other tools given in the kit as to make the hole easily and accurately.
  6. After making hole you should chip out the rough borders with the help of hammer and chisel just make sure the surface smooth and best for the fan to be fitted in.
  7. Now fit the fan in and connect it with the new wiring efficiently. Make sure that you do proper wiring to the fan because this is what determines the working of the fan. Your fan should also be connected to the waterproof switch or a light pull.
  8.  It is also mandatory to place the end of the duct outside the home so that the extracted moisture does not ruin the walls or the roof.
  9. At last switch on the fan and observe if it is running good. Also examine if it is perfectly fitted in the wall or ceiling as it does not quiver and noise much.

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Since you start off a day from bathroom, it should be always maintained sanitized and dry. This Bathroom Extractor Fan effectively works well in making bathroom free of smell. So choose the best fan and install it properly to make it function efficiently. For better air circulation, less humidity, cooling effect and smell free bathroom, the Bathroom Extractor Fan is the only best option.

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