How To Interview A Meeting Planner For Your Next Event

So your meeting planner looks super smart, sleek, savvy, and well-networked with the managements of meeting venues and with the local administration.

And, you’re just about to hire her.

Will you just sign the contract by merely trusting your judgment? Will you not ask intelligent and relevant
questions and put her through the grinder?

Well, you should, because a savvy meeting planner in no way guarantees that your meeting will be a raging
success. Here are some FBI-style questions you must ask her:

  • Do you assist in selecting from different meeting venues?
  • Do you also perform conference venue planning work such as onsite tasks, space management, banquet arrangement, etc.?

How do you help your client exercise financial control? Do you constantly monitor his budget? Have you invested in an efficient budgeting and cost control software?

  • Do you assist in media briefings? And at pre- and post-conference levels?
  • Do you provide business center services?
  • Do you have employees who can hand all conference-related queries?
  • Do you provide event ushers?
  • Do you provide language interpreters too?
  • Do you own conference registration software? Can attendees register online using this software?

What about networking and negotiating with vendors, sponsors and all other conference stakeholders? Can you handle that as well?

How about catering?

Can you help us plan nutritious and wholesome meals with a local flavor at affordable
prices? Can you cater to vegans and vegetarians?

Will you help us select and source customized giveaways that have a local touch?

Are you associated with community services organizations? How can you creatively help us leverage
community service with the event?

What about social events?

Can you conceptualize, plan and organize during- and post-conference events such as trips and gala nights?

Can you ensure that all attendees derive a fun and learn experience?

How do you wrap up the conference? Are you available at the meeting venue post-conference to finish off the necessary documentation?

  • Do you help in closing accounts with vendors and the client?
  • Do you conduct follow-up surveys, if required?
  • How strong are your administrative services at the time of the conference closure?
  • Do you assist in publishing and distributing conference reports?
  • Do you use conference-handling software? How will this software help us?

Now, let’s assume your meeting planner replied YES to all your nagging questions. Here’s what you must ask  her last:

Great. Now show us what you have done. Prove to us that you have done many excellent jobs in the past and we’ll hire you. 🙂 offers you convenient connections with destination details from over 120 convention & visitors bureau (CVB) experts; this assistance is presented totally free to meeting professionals to help you find the best accommodations, venue, and locations for your next convention or event.