How to Keep Home Heating Costs Down

Even with the most efficient heating system, the cost of heating a home during the winter months can be astronomical. The good news is that there are a few tips you can use to lower those home heating costs and keep the utility bills within reason. In fact, some of these ideas will cost little to no money, allowing you to reap the benefits immediately.
Inspect Windows and Doors
As a home begins to settle, tiny cracks and crevices can develop around window and door frames. While the openings are small, they allow a steady flow of cooler air into your home. By taking the time to make sure those small openings are sealed, you help to prevent air seepage from outside and make it easier for your heating system to maintain a comfortable temperature. Since the system doesn’t have to run as often to maintain that temperature, you’ll see a difference in utility costs on that very first bill.

Energy Efficient Window Treatments
Your window treatments can also make it easier to control your home heating costs. Window panes allow a fair amount of temperature transference from outside. By using a combination of mini blinds and draperies to create a barrier between the windows and the rest of the room, it is possible to contain that transference. As a result, your system can keep the home comfortable without using as much energy.
Regular Maintenance
Another effective way to manage your home heating costs is to make sure your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is kept in proper working order. Have the system inspected by a professional at least a couple times each year. You also want to make sure the system filters are changed in a timely fashion. This combination helps to ensure that loose belts or worn components don’t interfere with the function of the system. In addition, clean filters translate into alleviating stress on the system. Both strategies make it easier for the system to make the best possible use of the energy consumed and keep your costs within reason.
Keep in mind you can save money by securing a maintenance contract on your system. Depending on the type of service agreement you choose to purchase, the support may also include price breaks on labor and replacement parts. While this does mean some up front expense on your part, the efficient function of your heating system during the winter months will more than offset that cost.
Check For Other Issues
Whether you live in a home or an apartment, it never hurts to check for other issues that may be creating additional stress on your heating system and decreasing utility costs. Make sure there is no open space at the bottom of all exterior doors. You also want to make sure window sashes are not loose in their frames. Both these situations can allow cold air to seep into the home, making it harder to maintain a reasonable temperature.
You can also find tips on the web sites operated by your local utility companies. Gas and power companies often provide tips that are relevant to the local area and will help customers reduce their energy consumption. You may find some practical common sense tips that will be just right for your situation.
These tips were brought to you on behalf of Beautiful Heat, a developer of radiant floor heating, a cost-efficient method of home heating.