How To Keep Warm This Winter

How To Keep Warm This Winter

As the first frosts of autumn start to bite and the season prepares to change to winter, keeping warm has to be essential for all of us no matter what our age or circumstances.

We lose the majority of our body heat from our feet and head so covering up when we go outside is certainly best practice but what about when we’re stuck indoors, what’s the best advice for keeping warm whilst staying at home?

If you’re already feeling slightly chilly and are wondering how on earth you’re going to survive the depths of winter then don’t despair, read on and all will be revealed.

Extra Layers

It’s much easier to get cold and stay cold than it is to warm up so ensuring we trap our body heat is the key to fending off the chills. Layers provide extra insulation and enable our natural warmth to survive rather like double glazing insulates against the wind. If you can add a few thin layers to your every day dress then you’ll no doubt unlock the door to warmth just remember to keep it locked once you’ve warmed up.

Seal your Gaps

All homes, even new builds, will have a few gaps and whether it’s through open ventilation shafts or just a warped door joint, plugging those holes to keep out the north wind is exactly what you should be doing prior to the onset of winter. Sellotape, Cling-film or industrial-strength tape will provide a temporary fix that will prevent cold air coming in and warm air leaving your house, flat, office or bungalow.

Heat One Room

This is excellent advice for anyone who wants to save money on expensive fuel bills and should no way be restricted to purely elderly home owners. If you fire your radiators to just function in your living room then you won’t be wasting warmth and fuel costs by heating areas of your house that aren’t occupied. Kitchens, bathrooms and even bedrooms are often heated unnecessarily and although they may be colder to enter at first they soon heat up after a hot shower, cooking or getting under that extra blanket or duvet.

Socks, Scarves and Hats

As mentioned, the majority of a body heat is lost through head and feet so keeping top and toe insulated throughout the winter is always best practice. Even in bed or while sitting in the front room, wearing socks and hats provides the perfect alternative to keeping the heating on full blast and when going outside wearing a scarf and wrapping up your neck and chest is the best preventative for fending off winter flu germs and nasty cold viruses.

Blankets and Duvets

Simply by purchasing a few extra blankets or investing in a new higher tog duvet you’ll be helping to keep warm during the night as this is often the time when winter chills are at their zenith. As we sleep our body tends to relax as it’s not moving and hence we are more inclined to feel the cold. By having adequate layers to keep us warm during the night we not only keep colds at bay but also get a good night’s sleep which in turn allows us to continue to work, rest and play free from seasonal ailments.


Aside from donning extra layers and buying new blankets and duvets, one of the best and least expensive means of keeping warm in the winter is to exercise. Press-ups, sit-ups, weight-lifting, running on the spot – you name it and as long as you get the blood pumping you’ll be doing the right thing. Just remember to wrap up that warmth after you’ve created it and from long country walks to Zumba classes in your front room, you’ll be fit and healthy and ready for the spring in no time at all.

Home Cooking

We all have a ready made heater in our kitchen that we pretty much take for granted but by engaging with our cooker over the winter we will be killing two birds with one stone – keeping warm and getting some hot food. Root vegetables, chillies, curries and soups are all great foods for this time of year and if you can leave the oven on to slow-cook a casserole while you’re out and about then all the better.

Head for the Hills

If all else fails and you just can’t stand the thought of yet another winter in the UK then there’s only one thing left to do and that’s to escape. The warmth of west coast America holidays, the simplicity of an Australian beach or the chance to trek through the tropical rainforests of Central America, whatever you fancy doing to fend off the winter blues, there’s no time like the present to book it and to heck with the scarves and woolly jumpers.